Great Real Estate Photography Article in New York Times Today

June 21st, 2010

Thanks to John Herbst for pointing out the two great articles (here and here) in the New York Times today by Christine Haughney.

First of all, kudos to the New York Times website for giving links in the text of these articles to the photographer’s sites that they are covering in the article. This is more than the WSJ does in their articles.

The primary article, “To Sell a Luxe Apartment, No Ordinary Snapshot Will Do“, may be the best article on the subject of using photography to help sell real estate since Vivian Toy’s classic article “Making Every Pixel Count“, published in 2007.

David Paler, one of the photographers discussed in today’s article had an interesting quote: “It’s very acute right now,” he said. “Brokers are the psychiatrists. We’re kind of like the psychiatrists to the psychiatrists.”  His point I believe is that brokers are giving marketing advice to property sellers and the photographers job is to give marketing advice and help to the broker.

I’ve added both of these articles to my “PFRE important links” at Note that this link is on the right-hand side-bar under “Other Links”.

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  • For a home to sell quickly and at top dollar, a listing must have a strong visual appeal.

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