Complete Aerial Photo Mast System For Sale

June 17th, 2010

Long time PFRE reader and contributor Russ Freeman is selling his 55′ HiLo photo mast system along with all the accessories required to make is work. Click here for a complete description and all the details. This systems includes the following components:

  1. HiLo mast from UK, made to Military Specifications, heavy duty. This is an “air” mast operates from a small air compressor, [included], to about 55 feet high.
  2. Pan – Tilt head: New custom carbon fiber pan-tilt head with three axes, pan, tilt and roll. No matter how you park, put the camera in the air and you can take a level shot.
  3. Wireless Futuba 2.4hz receiver & transmitter.
  4. Roof Rack: a custom fabricated rack system to transport the mast on top of a full size SUV.
  5. Canon EOS 50D: 15.1 megapixel with Live View.
  6. Notebook PC: Acer with 16 inch screen, new in summer 2009,  64 bit model with Windows 7.
  7. Air Compressor: To  raise and lower the Pneumatically operated mast system.
  8. USB cable extenders to connect the camera to the PC.
  9. Manfrotto camera to pan tilt unit quick release.
  10. Eight high visibility Traffic cones.
  11. Web site.
  12. Installation: This offer is for a full size SUV similar to a Ford Explorer with a roof rack. I will have our fab shop install roof system on your vehicle, install offer good for a install completed in our fab plant, location Southern California. OR I will deliver to you anywhere in the lower 48.
  13. Training: Whatever you think it is necessary. Un-limited phone calls, text messages and e-mail.

Again the above is a summary of the system components. See the complete details here. For questions and details contact Russ Freeman at

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3 Responses to “Complete Aerial Photo Mast System For Sale”

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  • What these systems can’t do is move around. They can’t take shots from the back yard or anywhere else the car can’t go. Get you self a system that can take photos from anywhere you can stand.. anywhere. And for a lot less $$$

  • Ofcourse Mike is right. And I believe you have to be in Holland to buy the perfect Photomast. And for a lot less $$$ 🙂