iFloorplan: Elegant Interactive Floor Plans That are Inexpensive

June 13th, 2010

I was talking to Rob Hudson of iFloorplan recently. Rob is a PFRE reader and was giving me a update on the iFloorplan product. I did a general post on floor plan creation about a year ago.

iFloorplan is a service for creating and hosting interactive floor plan tours. To create a iFloorplan tour you need to have a floor plan already created. iFloorplan doesn’t help with the issue of creating your floor plan, it just creates and hosts tours that display media (still photos, video and 360s) in a tour format that uses a floor plan as a reference on the screen showing the viewer where they are in the home. The viewer can control which room they want to view or press play and sit back a let the tour automatically take them through each room. The result, is a very compelling way to view a tour. I know from direct experience, many sophisticated home buyers want to understand the floor plan. It helps visualize and get a better feel for the space.

iFloorplan now exists on servers in the US, Europe and Australia and SE Asia – This delivers media faster to iFLoorplan users.

iFloorplan supports iPhone and iPads for viewing iFloorplans although to create floor plans you need a machine that has Flash on it.

The crux of doing floor plan based tours is producing the great looking floor plan as in the image above. I did a post in Nov of 2009 on ways of creating floor plans. Out sourcing the drawing is very cost effective and there are many people that do this. Here is a list of Rob’s suggestions:


Be sure to check if the home seller has a set of blue prints for the home. About 30% to 40% of our listing customers have had a set of  blue prints tucked away in the attic or some place that I can just scan and do a quick floor plan “tracing” from a photoshop layer above the scanned floor plan.

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  • Larry, why haven’t floor plans taken off in this country? They are all over Europe, and the rest of the world. Why aren’t floor plans as important for real estate marketing in the US? In New York and Boston, they are far more expected. Do you think it has to do with the fact that most homes in those areas and abroad are smaller, thus every last foot is that much more important?

  • Kori- Several possible reasons come to mind:

    1- There is a history in many areas of the US of listing agents not advertising square feet, room size and lot boundaries, etc because buyers can sue if the facts the agent provide turn out to be wrong. In the Seattle area they changed the MLS rules in the mid-90s so that it is now up to the buyer to verify the facts of the property… Duh! But I’ve talked to several midwest agents where MLSs still have prohibitions against the listing agent providing square footages still are in force.

    2- It’s only been the last few years that I’ve been aware of good alternatives for creating and displaying floor plans. For years the only reason our listings had floor plans was that I did it with brute force. All the other agents in our office were totally amazed and envious. But there was no one that was providing it as a service.

    3- The crux of the problem is creating the floor plan. I think where vendors provide a inexpensive service to create the floor plan agents would used. I’ve only ever used floor plans for listings where blue prints were available… I’d never even heard of laser measuring until several readers commented about it.

    I’m sure others will have more insights on this subject.

  • I am an agent as well as a photographer. The reason I see floor plans not being used is #1 on Larry L’s list – if there is an error, the buyer will likely bring a lawsuit, and the agent will most definitely be named in the suit. We also don’t provide square footage unless it’s attributed to the assessor, builder or seller. It’s always up to the buyer to verify.

    As a photographer, I think it would add value to also supply floorplans, but again if there is an error I wouldn’t want to be named in a lawsuit. I also don’t want to spend all of my time in a home measuring rooms. I’m there to take photos.

  • Here in Spain, the title deed (land registry) has the total build size and the total plot size. One should, in theory be able to add up the numbers okay? In the advent, that your buyer, might need to find finance, the bank/lender will also send a person around (Tasador) for a estimated value. They also take room measurements with one of those laser rulers, and you would have a job keeping up, if you were showing them round. Very quick and efficient. If your already on site you could log a room in five minutes if you had the same tools. A little point and shoot for the reference, would be handy. Better still, a developer, and if their quick about it, could create a suitable app for the iPone, if their isn’t one already one out their. . Actually catch you later, as I am of to the patent office….
    On a more serious note though, can you charge extra for the service?

  • Larry, this is great! I offer floor plans to my clients and one of them has been asking for something exactly like this! I just signed up …. one free credit when you create your account!

  • Well the way you shared the points is just surprised me up and i’m totally admired by your work!

  • Larry,

    My company actually provides “as is” drawings of residential properties, commercial buildings and more. We provide these services at a cost effective price. You can check out more information on our site at If anyone has any more questions please feel free to let me know. Thanks!!

  • I have an extensive experience in creating floorplans and have been
    working more then 8 years with Australian property companies.
    You can estimate a level of my experience.
    There are a few important points I would like to emphasize in regards to
    my floor plans:
    • High quality
    • Detailed
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    • They don’t loose a quality on the printing copy.

    Upon you interest we can have a good business cooperation – I am a freelancer and have a very compatible rates.
    It works in the very easy way. You are sending me a draft (raw scan) and within 48 hours you will get a ready to use floorplan in PDF format. Only for 15$

    If you have any further questions and require a professional in this field, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Did anybody take Tatiana Ciudac up on her offer. It seems like a pretty reasonable price.

  • That one indeed looks to be a very good thing to have some good benefits and save some good bucks. This is indeed something that many people might be eyeing on.

  • I’m curious if anyone has any updates in regards to creating floor plans? I ask because my biggest competition is offering floor plans and the agents like them. I’ve been casually looking over the last few months and have not yet found a simple tool for creating a decent floor plan.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • HI all,

    I’d like to follow-up on my previous note. I’m now offering floor plans as a necessity for me to grow my business. Being recently married our process is pretty efficient as I shoot my wife sketches and measures. Here’s the issue though… I just got off the phone with a prospect who is using big box photo / floor plan company for his listings. Not only are floor plans (with the little camera icons) mandatory, so is an agent dashboard so they can re-arrange photos, update pricing, descriptions etc.. I’m currently using PFRE and like it. However, there is no way to incorporate floor plans on a separate tab. According the the forums, that is a feature that has been “under consideration” for 10 months. As for agent log in, truth be told i’m not sure that’s an option with PFRE either… I’ll have to check.

    My question is this. Does anyone know of a tour provider that would provide agent login / floor plans with icon?

    Thanks in advance!

    ~ Dave

  • Hi!

    If i want to outsource floorplans to Asia, what do yo recommend?

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