A Walkthrough of Google Analytics

June 13th, 2010

Steve Hong has a really nice walk through of Google Analytics on the PFRE flickr group that is worth while going through.

Everyone with a web site or blog should be using Google Analytics. It’s free and easy to use. The way it works is you sign-up for a free analytics account and then for each site you have you add a little snippet of HTML code to each page you want google to track. For WordPress blogs you install the Analytics plugin and activate the plugin with the tracking code Analytics gives you for that site.

Steve walks through how to interpret the many of the Google Analytics reports. Your site’s statistics are important because they allow you to directly measure the results of many of your business decisions.

Thanks Steve for the great tutorial!

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2 Responses to “A Walkthrough of Google Analytics”

  • Google Analytics is a great tool, especially if you do your own SEO. You can see exactly where your visitors are coming from, and from what search terms. Best of all- its free. I use it on all of my sites and would reccomend it to anyone. Also, if you do Analitics, you should also sign up for Google Webmaster. Its another tool I use on all of my real estate and photography sites.

  • I have heard a lot about Google Analytics and it looks to be a very good thing to have as it looks to be the solution to many of the problems. It was great to have have some extended good information about it.

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