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June 7th, 2010

This last week the This Week in Photography (TWIP) Podcast had an interview with John Philpin, the chief marketing officer of LiveBooks. The subject of the interview was a discussion about the fact that photographers and other creative people need to have websites viewable on iPhones and iPads. John explains why LiveBooks has decided to support iPad and iPhone users and how they do it.

LiveBooks is a high-end web hosting company for photographers and other creative business people. I don’t think you can do much better than a LiveBooks website. One interior photographer that you may know that has a LiveBooks website is Scott Hargis. I think Scott’s website is a great example of how Flash can be used to create a great portfolio viewing experience. On a PC or Mac the site delivers a great experience, yet if you hit his site with an iPhone or iPad you don’t get a little blue rectangle; you can still see his portfolio.

The best part of having a LiveBooks site is that you have to do little or nothing to make your site accessible to devices that don’t support Flash. After LiveBooks did their upgrade with this functionality it just works. LiveBooks creates a separate site for iPhone users and a separate site for iPad users in addition to the main Flash site. Since there a million iPads a month being sold this issue is not likely to be going away soon so it will become more important for photographers as time goes by.

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11 Responses to “ Hosted Flash Websites Now Accessible With iPhone and iPad”

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  • I’m using Viewbook (since a couple of weeks) for creating my website. They offer the same iPad/iPhone support.

  • I definitely think that iPhone support is a ‘must’. The verdict is out on the iPad as well as other pad devices.

  • Thanks for reminding me to set that up, Larry! I’m not actually convinced that my target clients are really evaluating my work on their iPhones (although an RE client might), but still, I’m glad Livebooks put this option up.

  • Viewing flash on a Ipad or Iphone will be a none issue by years end (or sooner)….developers are already coming up with ways to show it by converting it to java with no plugin and is open source.

    One developer is RevShock who makes Smokescreen

  • @Chris- Thanks for the link. great little piece of technology. Glad to see that it is OpenSource. This kind of technology will be a big help website developers deal with the problems of devices that don’t support Flash. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it will become a “none issue”… the issue for photographers will be to be sure to use a website provider or tour provider that uses this kind of technology.

  • You should also check out Skyfire browser ( Windows Mobile devices since 2005 have been able to play flash websites and videos with this browser and now it’s available for android and Symbian/Nokia devices. They are also planning on releasing a browser for iphone and ipad ( Their are also other countless companies such as RevShock that are starting up/trying to win the race when it comes to making iPhone and iPad’s capable of displaying flash. Flash is here to stay and is more advanced than HTML5, it will take years for everything to transition over to the HTML5 standard so the capability to play flash on these crippled devices is needed… it’s just going to take some time (likely by year’s end or sooner like Chris has said) to be able to work on crippled/flashless iPhone and iPad devices.

  • I signed up for a free trial at LiveBooks, hoping to build a new website through them. I was impressed with their features and designs but wound up cancelling. Apparently it’s not possible to specify which (or how many) photos you want to display on your site’s main homepage without paying for a custom website. While it’s great that they are adding support for non-flash based devices, it would be nice if they added some more basic functionality to their non custom designs.

  • Great discussion, just wanted to clarify for Matt that you can have a homepage slideshow. In fact they are included with many of our predesigns. If the predesign you choose does not have it, you can add it for a nominal one-time fee. Feel free to let me know if you have further questions on it:

  • @ J Sandifer — Matt’s note clearly indicates that he understands that a slideshow is possible. He’s pointing out the lack of control over the content when using the LB templates.

  • I use PhotoBiz, and they also support mobile applications like the iPad, Blackberry, Driod through their HTML mirror sites which is $45.00. The Driod Incredible actually supports Flash. PhotoBiz also has an iPhone Mobile Site which optimizes your website specifically for iPhone browsers for $25.00.

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