Polester: A Great Ready To Use Pole Aerial Photography System

May 31st, 2010

Nik who is a PAP enthusiast and a member of  the PFRE flickr group sent me some links on the Polester from which is a PAP rig that looks like it would be a great for real estate photographers.

There are a couple of benefits of the Polester:

  1. It’s off the shelf. You get the pole, the camera mount for the top of the pole and the remote shutter release as a complete system for $199.
  2. You don’t have to fool around with setting the interval timer to trigger the shutter as I suggested in my previous PAP post. This rig has a “universal mechanical shutter button pusher” that is operated by a cord that comes down the pole. Pretty cool!
  3. You get a choice of a couple of different kind of poles.

I haven’t got one of these yet, mostly because I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. Nik did a fairly detailed review that he has posted on the PAP flickr group. It looks like the remote mechanical shutter release is a fantastic little device that I can’t live without. I talked to Jim over at and asked him if he’d be open to selling just the shutter release without the pole and camera mount because my guess is that people that already have a pole and mount may like to just purchase remote the release. Jim says, “yes, give me a call and let’s make a deal”. I think that’s what I’ll do since I already have several poles and pole mounts.

Has anyone else used this product? If you have let us know what you think.

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5 Responses to “Polester: A Great Ready To Use Pole Aerial Photography System”

  • Polester looks like a great out-of-the box solution to elevated real estate photos. Talked today with fellow-Clevelander Jim about purchasing just his Polester camera trigger. Wanted to use it on my Sherwin Williams 6′-12′ aluminum painter pole modified for a Manfrotto mini ball head & Canon point’n’shoot. Jim sells the $199 Polester system, less pole, for $149. A key feature of the Polester system is that it has a longer 1/4-20 bolt to accomodate the added height of both his trigger/laser sight mounting plate and the mounting plate’s clamping nut. Bye-bye Manfrotto. Triggers are currently unavailable as a separate item.

  • Bummer on the trigger. I would like one of those too, as I just bought the Pole Pixie system.


  • I looked into radio controlled solenoids for a trigger, but that was too involved. I want the trigger at a reasonable price. He could probably sell lots more of them than the entire system…

  • The website/tutorials did not mention total load i don’t believe. I would also like to know if it tends to bend at certain length’s based on weight etc. I would love to incorporate pole’s into my event photography and documentation. I love the product though, seems to be a complete solid and well thought out system at a reasonable price. My only gripe is that while looking at the tutorial I had noticed 3 or so model’s exist, yet on the purchasing page their is little info on the product specifications or build quality let alone model type etc. Would also like to know more about the landing gear accessory and laser mount.

    Seems like a great out-of the box, no hassle solution for multiple purposes. Not complicated or extremely expensive like allot of the other systems.

  • I’ve since added live view with a mini-tv (from my original rig). I’ve added the details to the review on flickr.

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