Sony Alpha NEX-5 Has Real Estate Photography Features

May 27th, 2010

Thanks to Russ Freeman for calling my attention to the new Sony Alpha NEX-5. David Pogue, Technology columnist for the New York Times, did an article and a video on the NEX-5 last week.

The NEX-5 is one of the new mirror-less digital cameras with interchangeable lenses. Besides it’s small size it has several features that make it attractive to real estate photographers:

  1. 24mm Effective focal length: It has a 16mm lens and ultra-wide angle converter that give it an effective focal length of 24mm; the interior sweet spot.
  2. Sweep panoramas: This little guy will shoot a panorama by just holding the shutter release and sweeping the camera across the scene you want to make a panorama of.
  3. Handheld Twilight (HHT): The  NEX-5 will fire off six shots at a hand-holdable shutter speed and combine them into one usable image that you’d never get without using a higher ISO.
  4. Auto, in camera HDR: Fires off three hand-holdable images that expose for the highlights, the mids, and the shadows and combine them into one image that has usable detail in all of these areas.

To check out the details  on the NEX-5 see the detailed article on

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8 Responses to “Sony Alpha NEX-5 Has Real Estate Photography Features”

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  • Unfortunately, the NEX-5, despite some very nice features, and auto-HDR, will only do 3 exposure-bracketed shots. I thought HDR was a big deal. I wonder when manufacturers will give us a 7-shot EB range for less than $5,000? My iPhone will do a 3-shot bracket with ProHDR from the app store, and my K-7 will do 5, at two EVs between them. The Promote unit is supposed to do upwards of 10, for a lousy $300, when it is available. Cruise the AEB list at and find out that the manufacturers don’t get it. I want a minimum of 7 bracketed shots at a reasonable price…

  • This cam seems like it would be great for PAP work… I wonder if it can be connected/controlled via laptop?

  • I have just started to dabble in the HDR arena and I believe that Mr. Blackmon has hit the nail on the head… OUCH

  • I normally do not call people out for advice and quality of work, because we ALL are at different levels. I am no Scott Hargis and I am sure even Scott has someone he looks up to/admires/dreams of attaining the same caliber. However when I see Dave giving advice, ESPECIALLY on HDR and features needed for proper ones, I just cringe. He has been spewing this around several forums like dpreview and such. BUT, where’s Daves expert HDR knowledge when it comes to his portfolio work? He doesnt link to his site and dogs equipment for not having all these necessary features. I am likely going to get some negative response for this post, but people shouldnt giving advice/criticism about something they are not even remotely versed in.

    Guess what Dave, all cameras have unlimited bracketing feature. Just use a tripod and manual mode. Rotate the knob a couple of clicks for each bracket. Sure it isnt auto-in camera-done for you-no input based, but it works. Also to note, I cant do HDR’s well enough I am comfortable selling them, but part of that is time involved to do it properly vs. what an agent will pay, not letting my camera do it all in program mode..

    Sony makes great cameras. I use the A700 and sigma 10-20 for my RE work. The nex is extremely suited for PAP photography and I am considering one for mine, because the A700 is a beast 10 ft in the air on my monopod. Sure it isnt a $5k dslr, but then again, most cameras $4,999 and under arent $5k dslrs… I havent tested it yet on interior work, but I believe it could be promising if there is some workaround for triggering flashes.

    Based on the conversations we have had on dpreview Dave, I found your website, which you never seem to want to show and have never proven to me otherwise that it isnt yours. You just quit posting when I called you out and asked for your side. Silence is as good as the answer I was seeking..

    Mr Blackmons HDR expertise can be seen here:

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  • This sounds like a great Realtor camera. I will do some more research.

  • New cameras out by Sony offer enhanced features . Take a look at
    These offer enhanced features very applicable to real estate requirements.

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