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May 2nd, 2010

On the flight over to Hawaii last week, I was listening to the This Week In Photography Podcast. They had an interview with John P, the CEO of, and I was so impressed with the woopra live website tracking that I immediately signed up and installed woopra on and started using it.

The real time features of woopra are amazing. While you are reading this I can see how you got to the blog, which posts you have read, which outgoing links you click on, how many times you’ve been to the blog, how much time you have spent on the blog, what city and country you are in and much more. The only thing I can’t see is what you had for breakfast. I can also start a chat session with you or you can start one with me if I’m online while you are here. Trey Ratcliff has 4 minute video that gives you feeling of how the real time aspect of woopra works. I’ve only had woopra installed on the PFRE blog for less than a week and the more time I spend with it, the more features I find. In general it has more data available than Google analytics.

A natural question is what is the value of having live website statistics as opposed to the Google analytics style of stats where you get the data a day after it happens? Well I’m not sure I’ve used woopra long enough to answer that question definitively but here are some of my observations at this point:

  1. The real time aspect of woopra statistics is fascinating. It pulls you in and makes the data more interesting. The real time nature makes statistics fun.
  2. I feel like the real time part of woopra makes the data more intuitive. I have woopra running on my backup laptop on a large screen displaying what’s happening on the blog all the time. Because the woopra dashboard shows how many readers are on the site at all times I feel like I get a better initiative feel for when the busy times are, what readers are interested in and what outgoing links they are clicking on. I don’t get this feel from Google analytics.

Why do real estate photographers need to track what’s going on on their sites? I talk to many real estate photographers that are working at tuning there sites to get high google ranking for search keywords that home sellers and agents use. Woopra can help you get immediate feedback on your keyword tuning efforts. You can see exactly what keywords visitors are using to get to your site and get immediate feedback on your site tuning efforts. Check it out, I think you will like it.

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  • There’s a couple other really interesting statistic map widgets available check out:
    Really enjoy the blog I’m getting myself a canon t2i and sigma 10-20mm lens and diving in thanks for all the great articles. Keep up the good work.

  • I think Woopra is a great service and tried it on a couple of my sites last year. I ended up not sticking with it since I’m rarely at my computer during the day to utilize the real-time functionality. There is a hack to create woopra stats in an iphone friendly format but there isn’t any funcitonality besides a drop down list and picking which stat you’d like to see.

    I use Statcounter for my real-time usage stats and google analytics for my weekly/monthly trend analysis to see where I need to make changes. As soon as the Woopra iphone is released, hopefully any day now, I’ll start using it again.

  • I used to use stat counters years ago when it was important to keep track of visitors and numbers. Now, with a site geared more to a local clientele I’m more concerned with getting prompt directory listings for the pages in my site that feature properties.

  • I signed up for the free trial yesterday. Reagarding the ‘real time’ aspect of your review Larry; that afternoon I noticed a visitor from India on the site. Sure enough I later received an email from New Delhi, sent from the contact page on my site, offering image editing services!

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  • This is great and we’d love to hear more on how you use it. Here are some things we’ve heard back from for our real estate, photographer, and other related business members about why real-time matters for them.

    1. Tracking Sales and Site Events: With things like Event Notification Alerts, if a visitor lands on a specific landing page for a sale or form, an alert will get the webmaster to Woopra to look at what is going on, tracking the event, and possibly initiating a chat to help them through the process. We’ve had people tell us such alerts are like the kah-ching of the cash register or shop door alert, letting them know a potential client is on the premises.

    2. Increased Geographic Awareness: While many look at browser and OS stats, Woopra highlights the geographical location of visitors in new perspectives, adding to the better understanding of your visitors.

    3. Social Media Tracking and Segmentation: Many of us either put a ton of time into social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, thinking they will give us the business we need, but how aware are you of whether or not that effort is really working? Woopra’s Analytics breaks down the traffic in real-time tracking so you can see when you tweeted something and track the immediate response to it. If it isn’t bringing in the traffic goals, then something needs to change and you can change now, not later, in mid stream.

    4. What’s Popular: While Woopra tracks most popular pages, keywords, searches, etc., the Analytics section breaks things down even more. Want to know the most popular image accessed? File? Download? Got an app to track downloads and access? Why wait 24 hours to get the data?

    5. Woopra Live Chat Widget: With the introduction of the Live Chat Widget, your visitors can now contact you for a chat and ask questions. In the Woopra Chat panel, you can see where the visitor is moving through the site, thus you can see if they have reached the information they need, or need to be redirected. You can send them links through the chat and see if they actually go there. We’ve found a lot of companies finding this feature invaluable, especially in the service markets.

    6. Email Reports: At a Realtor conference recently, several agents told me that they create custom email reports to send out to potential customers to let them know how much traffic, where it comes from and where it goes, is on their site as justification for their “social web reach” to potential buyers and sellers using their services. Or they include such reports in their marketing material.

    While this sounds like a sales pitch, I just thought I’d share some of the feedback we get from so many using Woopra in your industry. It’s fascinating to see how many things people learn about their users and how they use Woopra. I love the how tos and stories as we learn even more from our members than I think they learn from us! Keep them coming! We only get better because of you!

    Thank you for your support!

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