More Details On Negotiating Agency Shooting Contracts

April 19th, 2010

Back in March I did a post on Negotiating Agency Shooting Contracts that describes how you approach negotiating with real estate agencies to shoot all or part of the listings.

Mike Miriello just released an interview with Thomas Grubba on the RealEstatePhotographyPodcast. This podcast gives a lot more detailed information on negotiating these kind of contracts. As Thomas and Mike explain these kind of contracts are relatively rare but when you run into a situation where an agency wants to do a contract, it helps to understand all the pitfalls so you can do the best job  possible of negotiating. Mike and Thomas tell you about all the mistakes they made when they negotiated their contracts.

This is great information that prepares you so if the opportunity arises you are ready to negotiate a contract.

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One Response to “More Details On Negotiating Agency Shooting Contracts”

  • Nice links. Negotiating contracts is really a difficult job and thanks for teh related tips shared here. Keep posting more and do keep in touch.

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