PFRE Blog Closing on 750 Posts – How Posts are Organized

April 18th, 2010

I noticed that the PFRE blog is now closing on 750 posts so I thought it may be useful to review all the ways that the blog is organized so you can find information on various subjects.

Only the most recent 15 posts that are displayed on the front page of the blog but once a post falls off the frontpage it is still accessible. I keep all posts. The blog currently has everything I’ve written since October 2006. Here are some of the ways you can access older posts:

  1. The Search box: On the upper left side-bar there is a search box that allows you to search the whole blog for any key word. Works just like google search but is limited to the PFRE blog.
  2. List of categories: On the lower left side-bar is a list of categories that all posts are categorized into.
  3. Archives: Also on the lower left side-bar below categories all posts organized by date but not terribly useful because it’s by date instead of subject.
  4. Popular Posts: On the upper right side-bar. This may be the most useful in that it lists the top 12 of the most popular posts. I’m going to be expanding this list to the top 20 or 25.
  5. FAQ page: This page is sort of a site directory to frequently asked questions.
  6. My E-books: My two E-books are basically all the posts on the site organized into a format that you can sit down with a read through or study. One E-book is just real estate photography techniques and the second book is all the info on the business of real estate photography organized into a book format.

I use reader questions and input as a guide for the subjects to write posts on so if you have questions or can thing of some issue I’ve missed be sure to let me know here.

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