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April 4th, 2010

I apologize in advance for adding to the iPad reporting frenzy that’s been going on for the last few weeks but I wanted to pass along the news that tours look great on the new iPads right out of the box.

Saturday afternoon I when down to my local Apple store and waited in line for about 20 minutes to get my hands on one of the newly available iPads to see what tours look like on the iPad. The photo to the right shows that despite that the fact that on your Mac or PC browser tours are displayed in Slideshow Pro with Flash, on the iPhone and iPad, the PFREtour code recognizes that the tour is being displayed on a iPhone browser and uses Javascript to display the same tour instead of Flash. The Ken Burns panning and transitions between slides is as smooth and elegant as it is in Flash.

Kudos to Michael and Alfie, the developers for implementing this great tour design feature.

I have to say that the viewing photos on the iPad is an impressive experience! If you are photographer showing anyone your work this is an elegant way to do it. The feeling of holding this beautifully designed device in your hands and paging through photos or watching a movie is much more personal and tactile than using a laptop. I can imaging handing your iPad to your client and letting them flip through your portfolio. This device will enhance the look of even ordinary photos.

Standing in line and watching people react to using the iPad was insightful. In front of me in line a sheep farmer from from Turner, Oregon (farm community south of Salem) and his wife, used it and loved it despite the fact that they obviously weren’t tech people. They were asking what they needed in their home so the iPad would work. They didn’t even know what WIFI is. This is truly a new class of device that is going to revolutionize media consumption. You have to touch and handle it to realize what a work of design art it is.

My plan was to wait until some of the early bugs are worked out before buying an iPad but I’m not sure I can wait.

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4 Responses to “ Tours Look Good On iPads”

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  • Thank you for posting your thoughts on this. There are all kinds of reviews about the new iPad and all of its specialties, as I am primarily interested in it for the purpose you mentioned (displaying photos) – it is good to hear your feedback on this specific aspect. Thanks again.

  • Looks terrible on the iPad. The display is too large, the thumbnails don’t match the photos shown, the transitions are super choppy, etc etc etc. Stop ripping off us realtors with lame 1980’s era slideshows that you call virtual tours…

  • @Nate- There’s a bit of a sizing problem so that you have to drag the tour down slightly to see the branding bar. I didn’t see any of the problems you refer to… transitions looked smooth to me. We will be fixing the sizing problem when we get access to an iPad.

    Have you looked at any other real estate tours on the iPad? I didn’t have time, but I can’t think of any of the large large national tour vendor’s tour that even ran at all on the iPad the first day it was available.

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