Three Cool New Features Added to Tours

March 30th, 2010

Michael and Alfie just got finished adding three really cool features to

  1. A Photo delivery page for each tour: The way this works is when you finish building a tour all you have to do to electronically deliver your photos to the agent is click on “deliver photos” (It’s currently called “share photos” but will be changed to “deliver photos” soon) and a e-mail is created that has all the URLs for the tour you’ve just created (branded, unbranded and a delivery page) you just fill in the agents e-mail address. The delivery page allows the agent to either download each photo individually or download a zip file with all the photos in it. This is one of my favorite features!
  2. A agent portfolio page: This is a agent listing portfolio page that shows all the PFREtours that you have done for each of your customers. For an agent that hasn’t invested in their own web site this is useful to show case all their listings.
  3. A photographer portfolio page: This is the same format as a agent portfolio page except it shows all the PFREtours that a given photographer has shot.

For those that have asked about embedding tours in their site, yes it is possible to do that and user Jim Gross has figured out how to do it. Jim has his tours framed (using the Frame HTML tag) on his blog. Note that the sample tours that Jim has shown on his site and blog are tours but they look like Jim is the tour provider. The HTML for this is not trivial but if you are a HTML wiz like Jim you can look at the source for his pages and see how he does it. We hope to come up with a way for users to do this in a more simple, straight forward way.

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  • I noticed that all the images in your PFREtours are not very sharp and don’t seem to have a crisp look to them. Is this something you are going to correct? I’ve looked at several different tours and they all seem to have this soft, not-sharp look to them.

  • @larry- Since we use Slideshow Pro for our tours, the user has control of the image files size and quality… as usual it’s a trade off between high quality and load time.

  • How does a realtor access the page with all of their tours? This is a nice feature for them if someone viewing one of their homes online wants to see their other listings. How does the common consumer get to see the agents other listings that are part of the PFRE tour?

  • @Eric- The creator of the tours (the photographer) has access to the portfolio page for each of his clients (agents) and sends his clients the URL their portfolio page. It’s then the agent’s choice of how to use this listing portfolio page. They can use it in their e-mail signature, or any other way they choose in their marketing.

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