Content Aware Fill- A New Super Feature Coming in Photoshop CS5

March 25th, 2010

So if you are the Adobe Photoshop product manager planning new Photoshop features you have to be thinking, “…let’s see, what kind of compelling new features will we have to put into Photoshop this time, to make sure everyone wants to update?” Because Photoshop users are all thinking, “…these days I do most of my work in Lightroom (or Aperture) and just pop into Photoshop once in a while to do hardcore pixel pushing so maybe this next Photoshop upgrade I’ll pass and not upgrade… right? Adobe has been working hard to build that super feature that you can’t live without.

Well “content aware fill” may be that super feature that does it for you. It sure looks cool to me! Content aware scaling in CS4 is great but I have to say that content aware fill knocks my socks off! The video on the right demonstrates content aware fill.

Adobe’s CS5 launch event is scheduled for Monday April 12. Will you be upgrading to Photoshop CS5?

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14 Responses to “Content Aware Fill- A New Super Feature Coming in Photoshop CS5”

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  • Amazing. Sure does it for me!

  • Ok, so that it more than awesome!!

    I can see so many applications for this, well done adobe. Now can you stick it into lightroom 🙂

  • Heard it all before.Shadow Highlight dangerous in the wrong hands.

    Looks good lets see.
    Adobe lost it last time what did we get, a few minor improvements, $300 for the upgrade.Basically force you to upgrade to keep up with the new RAW files.

    What we could really do with is stopping banding, sure there are a few ways but they dont look and work so good.

    There should be a total retouch version , cutout all the other crap we dont need like text.and support all RAws with new plug ins

    Dont get me wrong I love the program, they just need more imagination.

  • I love it! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • All of Photoshop is dangerous in the wrong hands! That doesn’t mean real pros can’t use awesome tools like these to create beautiful artwork in far less time, which is the whole point of Photoshop. Besides, I create all my RE flyers in PS rather than InDesign, and it seems as much as I grumble about upgrading in each new edition there’s a feature I can’t live w/o (like clone preview in CS 4 just to name one small one). This seems like something I’ll use a lot, seeing past projects in my portfolio that could have benefited greatly

  • Wow! That is one amazing tool.

  • For me, Shadow/Highlights was by far the greatest advance in the last 8 or so years and reason to upgrade. Now my only reason is CS3 doesn’t work with Snow Leopard so I need CS5 before upgrading from Leopard.

    I think it’s a outright scandal that you have to upgrade an entire software package from Adobe to get the new RAW files to open given the rate at which new cameras come out. At least this new feature and Snow Leopard compatibility will reduce my anger.

    I still prefer the amazing DxO software to batch process my RAW files and auto sort any lens distortion and vignetting so will stick with DxO/Photoshop workflow instead of using Lightroom/Aperture

  • Yeah, I did a recent CS3 -> CS4 upgrade b/c of Snow Leopard compatibility. Semi-frustrating, but in the end it paid for itself w/ work. I disagree w/ the posts above that indicate full version upgrades are necessary to keep up w/ RAW compatibility.

    Doubting Thomas / Anonymous: you do know that you can update ACR, right? 😉

  • I think if you read up you will find some ACR updates are not available to CS3 ………………….Hence the converter.
    Doubting Thomas and Anonymous are correct.
    I always upgrade but I can understand the frustration.

  • I can’t believe how powerful this is looking… maybe I won’t have to move seller’s trinkets around to get a clear shot anymore!

    … or maybe it’ll just help out when I forget to move something. Either way, it looks fantastic.

    Its not fair!!!!

  • I just thought of a real negative for the “Content Aware Fill” feature… Removal of watermarks. 🙁 Because you know people will.

    Still, most impressive.

  • Phone lines, power poles, light poles… all the things in real life that spoil that perfect angle. A way to quickly and easily remove them… fabulous! I’ll upgrade for that.

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