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March 22nd, 2010

If you frequent the cameras and lenses pages that offer readers a directory of real estate photography camera bodies, lens reviews and links to prices, you’ve probably already noticed that this last weekend I updated the cameras and lenses page (links are along the top of the blog on the navigation bar above the header image).

Besides just updating these two pages I’ve made a major switch from  being a B&H affiliate to an Amazon affiliate.

I bought my first major camera purchase from B&H in 1973 and have been using B&H to purchase all my gear until this last year. Last year when purchasing two lens and a 5D MkII, B&H could either not ship an order when I wanted to purchase or in the case of the 5D, didn’t have the gear in stock. I ended up purchasing the gear from Amazon. Amazon could ship immediately and one of their partners had the gear I wanted in stock. Also, over the coarse of the last  2 years I’ve become more and more of an Amazon customer for everything. Because I don’t want to recommend anything to my readers that I don’t also use myself, I decided I need to switch to being an Amazon affiliate, so I’ve done that.

As a result, all the links in the cameras and lenses tables now have links to Amazon. As I state on the top of these two pages, when you purchase anything at Amazon after going to the Amazon site via one of the links on this blog, your purchase helps support the PFRE blog although you don’t pay any more than you would otherwise. Thanks to all the readers who use these links on a regular basis. I appreciate your support.

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3 Responses to “PFRE Blog Changed From B&H to Amazon Affiliate”

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  • As an avid Amazon purchaser as well (they certainly make it easy), the one thing that I do get nervous about is purchasing expensive camera equipment such as a lens “if” for whatever reason I want to return it after trying it out. B&H is great about that and does not penalize you for it. Amazon to the best of my knowledge charges a restocking fees on electronics/games and things of that nature. So, as much as I love Amazon and love to give support where I can, please correct me if I am wrong on the restocking fees.

  • I also have purchased lots of gear from B&H through the years, mainly out of necessity. There easy return policy ( 14 days ) is a sword with two edges as they seem to repackage returned items and sell it back to the next customer . as brand-new !! I had to take back an item for the same exact reason once and another time I had to live with it, you never feel comfortable that you have a fresh product from them. Therefore, I don’t use them unless I have to and I go to the store to make sure I have a fresh product out of the box!!

    I know it sound like I am buying tomatoes .. but hey I like to have fresh tomatoes!! (^_^)

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