A Must See Example of Extreme Real Estate Marketing

March 10th, 2010

Scott Hargis just put up a post on his blog that has a stunning example of extreme real estate marketing that is worth taking a look at. Scott gives the behind the scenes story of a project he worked on with Quentin Bacon and others. The total marketing involved a video, aerials, and stills.

My wife (a 25 year Realtor) and I were viewing Quentin’s video and the counter-point, red-neck real estate video that Scott sites and commenting on the fact that with Quentin’s life-style video there is really nothing of any significance that the Realtor can add by being in the video talking. Her insight was that the reason you DON’T want the Realtor in the video talking is you want the potential buyer to make their own personal interpretation of what they see in the video. Marketing a property is about getting the potential buyer to project or visualize themselves in the property. Quentin’s life-style approach with simply great images and a light audio track is an effective way of doing exactly that. A Realtor in the video pointing out that “this is the kitchen” is a total distraction from what you want to be doing with marketing.

Thanks Scott for the outstanding post and examples!

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9 Responses to “A Must See Example of Extreme Real Estate Marketing”

  • I am completely blown away!! I love seeing this kind of work, what an inspiration!

  • I posted the following reply on Scott’s blog:

    Scott and Quentin this is a first class production and you should be applauded for your efforts. I can only image that with the time and effort put into this presentation that we are looking at a 3 or 4K budget minimum. I believe this work represents the pinnacle of what a real estate company or home owner would invest in promoting a property. I would guess that the owner fronted the cost considering the budgets of real estate agents these days. I was very surprised at the end that you and Quentin received no credit for the work: Visual Production by…….
    Keep up the great work – excellent!
    Best Regards,

  • I’m a long time photograph but kind of new to doing real estate photography, Virtual Tour, and video. I’ve been looking at a bunch of real estate videos and I have to say this one is pretty amazing.

    The one question I have is why it seems stills, and still panoramic photos aren’t include in the videos? You know, the “moving picture” kind of thing or, the “Ken Burns effect”. Even in this video with the high end production quality it seems a nice still photograph being panned in the video would result in more detail being shown when compared to just video pans. Is there some reason not to do it?

    Like I said, I’ve only been playing with video and really am a relative newcomer to the entire real estate photography business.



  • @Lucas- The only limitation of mixing in stills with video is the stills have to be the same aspect ratio as the video (1920×1080 for HD). Actually for interiors where there is nothing moving I think controlled KB panning, if done well, is almost impossible to distinguish from actual video.

    I think the reason you don’t see a mixture of video and stills more is just a personal choice on the part of the photographer(s). If you are focused on shooting video, you tend to do the whole thing is video.

  • Lucas, one thing that video can do that isn’t possible with the Ken Burns effect is the shifting perspective produced as the lens physically transits across it’s track. That imparts much more 3-dimensionality, or depth, to the viewer’s experience.

  • Thanks Scott and Larry. I’ve been playing with 720 HD and formating my stills and panos to fit that size. I guess because I’m more comfortable with stills I’ve usually added a fairly large number of stills and panos using the KB effect. Kind of like this – – where I do a video first and then add the pano or still.

    Scott, I see what your saying about losing a bit of the depth. So, I guess your saying it is more traditional or normal to have the video exposure and better depth instead of better exposure with the KB effect? Like I said, I’m really just starting to figure out what makes a good real estate photograph so video is still a bit of a reach for me and I’m not sure what “normal” or traditional is. Or, are videos still new enough in Real Estate that people are just winging it?

  • Larry,
    Thanks for posting the video and the generous comments. I’ve been an admirer/lurker of your site for some time now, your points of view and the stories on your blog where very influential to the development of this approach.

    Thanks! Much appreciated. On the property site there is a “credits” page featuring Scott and I. There too are creative credits for the musicians. In this context, it’s really about the property, so no credit directly on the video.
    I’m a big fan of the “Ken Burns effect.” There defiantly can be a place for this. Remember the video is just one part of the “Living Property Brochure.” Scott’s photography and my additional VR shots offer a good amount of details for the interested buyer to see. Big pan shots also take a lot of screen time and that’s something I’d like to cut down on. We learned a lot on this experience, the next one will defiantly incorporate some refinements.



  • …and the academy award for a real estate production goes to…

    WOW! This goes beyond setting the bar high! What a beautiful production and a gorgeous property. This could be marketed to the high end real estate, yacht, developers…endless possibilities exist for such wonderful work!

  • […] above from the States — but imagine it with heaps more/higher aerial shots / flybys. (thanks Larry @ PFRE for the heads-up on this fab production — full article here at Scott Hargis’s site. This video was actually […]

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