According To Listing Agent This Photo Sold His San Clemente Listing in 30 Minutes

March 7th, 2010

Rusty Freeman sent me this amazing real estate photography story this morning. This exterior shot of a San Clemente listing that Rusty shot for Realtor Jerry Barbanell listed at $4.3 million allegedly sold the home in 30 minutes.

Here’s the whole story told by the listing agent Jerry Barbanell. “The buyer came with his agent to see the home, beach front property, you know buyers, well not really sure, but was interested. It is now Saturday morning, at the buyer is at home, as he sits down with his coffee, opens up the Real Estate section of the morning newspaper, and BAM , here is a full page photo of the home he wants to purchase, the one he saw only a day prior. WOW, he thinks to himself, this home look’s fantastic, with this photo, that “darn” listing agent is going to sell this home this weekend. To which, he pick’s up his cell phone call’s his agent, “make an offer”, right now before anyone else see’s this home. Jerry sold the home 30 minutes into the Saturday morning edition of Orange County Register. Did our twilight image sell this home, well Jerry thinks so. Great Photography, does sell homes, just ask one of our satisfied Realtor clients, Jerry.”

Here is Rusty’s description of the technical details of this shot: “The image is a twilight “blue zone” photo, as the base image, taken during a 10 minute window after sunset,  then compiled with about 10 photoshop layers of individual flashed images with a studio strobe, being fired every ten feet while my assistant walked down the street, held the flash, fired, walked out of camera another ten feet, fired.  Photoshop was blended layers by our staff wizard RAF, into the image seen.  Camera was a Canon 5D, base image set on AV, aperture f/18, ISO400, the flash cycle images, manual 200, ISO 400, aperture f/7.1, lens was a Canon 16-35m F/2.8.  This was a fast image, not much done to the base image, a few lights are blown out on the garage, but overall the image is good quality for a brochure or front page of the Real Estate Section of our local county newspaper, Orange County Register.  This is our typical MLS Twilight image.

Thanks Rusty for the story. Keep up the good work! Sounds like you’ve turned Jerry into a regular customer.

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5 Responses to “According To Listing Agent This Photo Sold His San Clemente Listing in 30 Minutes”

  • Congrats to both Jerry & Rusty!! It’s always great to hear stories like this. It really reaffirms that great photos sell listings. We have had the great fortune of our clients having similar results. One agent inparticular with Realty Executives shared her experience:

  • I read a while ago this article of Alan Blakely:
    Dusk-shots are always good for some dropping jaws 🙂

  • Congratulations to both Jerry & Rusty. I personally had the same experience last year.
    I shot one of our listing last year which includes a twilight shot from the atrium. The buyers saw the listing on my blog and fell in love with the house. They bought the house and they told me is because the photos caught their eyes so they went to see the house.

  • Congrats indeed. Photos do help sell homes. I recently listed a property that was on the market for 6 months before I took the listing. I got the listing because of my photography. In one week I had more showings than the previous Realtor did in 6 months! Photography is key in the age of the internet home buyers.

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