What’s In Store For Photography For Real Estate E-books in 2010?

March 2nd, 2010

It was October of 2007 when I launched the Photography For Real Estate e-book. Since that time it’s been very clear that the e-book medium is a great way to help beginning real estate photographers learn the craft and business of real estate photography. I get a huge amount of feedback from e-book purchasers that the books are doing what they are designed to to.

A PFRE e-book is a life time subscription to learning about real estate photography. That is, after you purchase one you get all future updates. However, getting future updates depends on keeping the e-mail address associated with your original purchase since that’s the only way I have of sending you future updates.

Since I started publishing e-books they have gotten a lot more popular because of Amazon’s kindle. Amazon claims to have sold more e-books during the last quarter of 2009 than it sold hardcopy books. Later this year the iPad will add another dimension books to the e-book medium. PFRE e-books are currently distributed just in PDF form because that’s still the most useful form that works on all platforms. However, I’m going to be watching the evolution of e-books on the iPad and doing what is necessary to make sure that PFRE e-books work well on the iPad. I have no idea what that means at this point.

I’m currently working on the following PFRE e-book updates that will occur some time in 2010:

  1. Updates to Photography For Real Estate: There will be updates to the hardware chapter, the HDR chapter, the workflow chapter and a new chapter on video for real estate photography.
  2. Updates to The Business of Real Estate Photography: There will be updates to the “deciding what to charge” chapter and a bunch of updates to chapters that have to do with marketing. I want to organize the strategy and tactics that we all are learning about how to survive in this recessionary economy.

I am also in the process of working on partnering with other authors to publish a wider variety of real estate photography e-books.

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