Newly Announced Fujifilm FinePix HS10 Suitable For Real Estate

February 15th, 2010

McAllen,TX Realtor, Lee Jinks pointed out to me that the newly announced FinePix HS10 would be a great camera for real estate shooting. Indeed, it does! It seems like the toughest thing to find in compact cameras is a wide enough lens. The HS10 has a 24mm, effective, lens; very workable for shooting interiors.  In addition, it has all of the other features that I consider essential for a compact camera that I’d recommend to a Realtor or beginning real estate photographer that can’t afford a DSLR and ultra-wide-angle lens:

  1. Hot shoe
  2. RAW mode
  3. HD video (well, maybe not essential)
  4. Manual mode

In addition to these essential real estate photography shooting features the HS10 has some other amazing features like:

  1. 30X optical zoom from 24-720mm and it’s a manual zoom for better and faster control.
  2. 10fps high speed shooting for action shots.
  3. 1000fps high speed movie mode.
  4. 1080p video with stereo sound.
  5. Some cool in camera features like motion remover and motion panorama.
  6. Apparently, good low-light performance.

All of these features for $499. The HS10 will ship in March 2010. It’s available for pre-ordering now at Amazon.

I’m continually amazed by what Moore’s Law continues to do to compact cameras!

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5 Responses to “Newly Announced Fujifilm FinePix HS10 Suitable For Real Estate”

  • I am pre-ordered for this one. I bought the Panasonic Panasonic FZ35 for a trip. Shot it in raw and the shots require enough work to just shoot in jpg and let the camera do the job. It does.

    Looking forward to seeing the Fuji ….. hoping for better RAW results.

  • Yup, this one caught my eye too. It’ll [supposedly] stitch panoramas in-camera as well, which has additional potential for RE use. I’m curious to see how much of the extra features are actually useful vs. just being a gimmick. The 1000fps video, for example… the output resolution is a measly 224x64px. Cool feature, but practical? Fuji has historically produced some solid cameras in the past though.

  • Sensor?

  • pretty sure it comes with a sensor. 😉

    (CMOS, 1/2.3″, 10mp)

  • Fuji Sensors are great but small sensors such as found in most compacts are not really suitable for all RE work apart from exteriors. Just such a shame that Fuji did not continue with “real” cameras (meaning DSLR’s). Just love my S5 but it is now getting high mileage so will have to replace it with Nikon.

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