A Knockout Time-lapse Video of Vancouver, BC

February 2nd, 2010

Thanks to David Lenhert for sending me this link to a beautifully done time-lapse by the David and Dan Newcomb  and the Interlife Project, of Vancover, BC.

Vancouver is a beautiful city and is coming to life right now because the 2010 Winter Olympics that start Feb 12 in Vancouver and Whistler, which is the  my all time favorite place to ski. This video is full of all the iconic shots of Vancouver. Be sure to watch it in full-screen 1080p HD for maximum impact!

I am particularly aware of the epic amount of work that went into a 4:57 minute time-lapse like this since I’ve been shooting a lot of time-lapse video recently. I’m still working at creating time-lapse with no flicker or jerkiness. These kind of time-lapse sequences are taken with a still camera shooting a frame every 2 seconds or so. So 5 minutes of 24 FPS video is a compilation of about 7200 still frames. I’ve been using the Beta Lightroom 3.0 to process my time-lapse sequences. Lightroom 3.0 has a feature that you can select all the images in a sequence that you want in a video and it will create a MP4 video of the whole sequence. Lightroom is a natural place to create time-lapse video since you are able to do image adjustments and sync them to every image in a sequence before creating the video.

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5 Responses to “A Knockout Time-lapse Video of Vancouver, BC”

  • Brilliant!

  • Thanks for the heads up on this lightroom 3 feature. Can’t find how to attain 24fps, but even at 10, you get a good idea of ‘the look’.

    I see what you mean about the jerkiness too.

  • Very nice video!
    One little correction: The olympics start on 12 february

  • This is one of the best time lapse videos I have ever seen. It got smooth footage, dynamic panning effect, good shooting angle, lovely atmosphere and of course the beautiful and sweet musical background. Excellent work indeed.

  • wow! i’m speechless. amazing video, thanks for posting it Larry.

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