A Wonderful Demonstration of Creating Interior Photographs

January 28th, 2010

For those that may not have noticed Jeremy Esland’s thread in the PFRE flickr group recently, I think it is worth posting here again. This before and after gallery is from The owner of the site, Ashley Morrison, specializes in interior and hotel photography. Ashley works with Marie McMillen an interior designer when shooting hotel interiors. While this is technically not real estate photography the concepts are very relevant to shooting and marketing real estate photography.

As Jeremy points out, “…there’s immense educational value in lengthy examination/dissection of these examples“.

From a marketing point of view, this sequence of before and after shots shows that the difference between a casual snapshot and a carefully crafted and staged image is huge. This simple display is a powerful marketing presentation for why a client would want to pay top money for their services.

The other aspect of interior photography that Ashley and Marie’s before and after sequence illustrates is the impact of staging interiors. It is well known that a staged home will sell for more and sell faster than a vacant or unstaged  home and Ashley and Marie’s before and after sequence demonstrates why.

Thanks Ashley and Marie for this great set of examples and thanks to Jeremy Esland for pointing it out.

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6 Responses to “A Wonderful Demonstration of Creating Interior Photographs”

  • I agree with Jeremy whole heartedly. I justl spent a half hour comparing, dissecting, and learning. Thank you Larry and of course Jeremy.

  • I also just spent a good chunk of time ooogling over every picture. Amazing.

  • Fabulous Photography!!!

  • WOW! I am extremely impressed with the staging in all of these images! The venues and photos were going to be incredible, but the time, props, people, added to each image makes them amazing! Well done!

  • This is some really impressive work. I like how they use models within their photos. This reminds me of Julius Shulman.

  • This is an awesome website simply for viewing great staging and photography (I sent the link to a bunch of friends and family).

    For photogs, it’s a learning experience about how a scene can be made to look great.

    Beyond that, it’s valuable as a place to send potential clients to illustrate the advantages of professional staging and photography. As this team demonstrates, the subject has to look good before the photograph can.

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