Pogoplug: A Fantastic Real Estate Photographer Photo Delivery System

January 26th, 2010

I’ve been a enthusiastic DropBox user for some time and have been getting comfortable with the convenience of having important files accessible via a special drive in “the cloud”. In a previous post, I described how to use DropBox for photo delivery.

After seeing Leo Laporte’s coverage of some of the new products this year at CES that included a discussion of the newest version of Pogoplug, I decided I had to have one. The prospect of multiple terabytes of storage accessible by any computer on my network, the ability to access those the same files while traveling and the ability to share folders with anyone by sending them an e-mail with a link, all for a one time price of $129 was just to good to pass up. This device raises cloud file storage to a whole new level.

I just finished installing my Pogoplug and it is remarkably simple to install and the features are awesome! Pogoplug gives you pretty much the same functionality as a huge DropBox account for a one-time cost. Here are the significant features:

  1. Within your home you can access up to three USB-2 drives (plugged directly into the pogoplug) from any of your computers (Mac, Windows or Linux) on your network at LAN speed.
  2. Anywhere in the world where you have Internet access you can access those same drives sitting back at home with your laptop just as they were connected as a drive. This obviously works best if you have fast Internet access in your home.
  3. You can designate folders on your computers to be automatically be backed up to a folder on a disk connected to your pogoplug. This backup only occurs when you have LAN access, kind of like your own Carbonite service in your home. Note that this doesn’t replace cloud backup services because if your house burns down your pogoplug drives will burn with it. You still need off-site-backup.
  4. You can share just folders or whole disks with your clients, friends or family and either have the sharing automatically expire in two weeks or if you want make the sharing permanent and have the sharing be read/write.

What this means for real estate photographers is you can get Hi-res or full size images to your clients easily and painlessly without burning CDs.

To me, this is the greatest piece of gear I’ve seen for $129. It is simple, well designed and just works!

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13 Responses to “Pogoplug: A Fantastic Real Estate Photographer Photo Delivery System”

  • Thanks for the heads-up Larry. My annual Dropbox subscription is due in a few weeks and this looks like a great alternative.


  • The one problem of using something like this for photo delivery, particularly with print-resolution images (thus w/ larger file sizes), is going to be the slower upstream data rates w/ ISPs, resulting in longer download times for clients.

    Otherwise, cool find. I like it!

  • Still another “big” issue would be “privacy.” From what I’ve read off site, this little device is a “hacker’s” friend. I’d be concerned about who has access to my files. May I encourage all to Google reviews for this device before dumping the Washington in their laps; their must be alternatives.

  • @David- Yes, you raise a good point. The security of this device is unproven. I would not recommend keeping your sensitive information on a pogoplug drive. However, the same can be said for any online system. Always take extra special precautions with your sensitive information which means don’t put it on a cloud storage system of any kind.

  • I have been using which allows me to create folders, upload photos/files to the folder and then share the entire folder or individual files with an easy email link.

    Plus, it’s free.

    Scott Taylor, Realtor
    Arroyo Grande, CA

  • For all of you tech-savvy naysayers….

    What are the alternatives to this device? What else can I buy for $150 or less that gives me access to my files via the internet (not a local network)?

  • This is timely as I was just having difficulty getting some files to clients this morning.

    I didn’t see on the website – is there a limit to the number of user accounts you can assign? Also, and bear with me here… I’m a bit of a Luddite… you connect your USB drives to this device… and that’s it? As in, does this device then need to be plugged into a computer? I only have one laptop so I’m confused as to whether I’ll be able to access the external hard drives remotely without the device being plugged into something…? Am I making sense?

  • Oh and… does this integrate with current domains? Meaning, when you assign a user account (a client) will you direct them to your own website or is it a pogoplug website where they download the images?

  • Aaron:

    For cost savings, all you really need is an old cpu, even a Pentium 3 and you can make it into a ftp server. This is better for security and you can also use a domain to point to your ftp.

    You then simply send a ftp link to your client with simple instruction on how to downlaod their photos (Internet Explorer has a ftp program built in). Clients can download single photos, multiple photos or even the entire folder itself.

  • Just a question…..after an email is sent to someone with access to the photos, can they download multiple photos at once?

  • @Chris- The pogoplug download mechanism appears to allow downloading of one file at a time (there could be some feature I don’t see that will zip and download a whole folder at once) but it’s easy enough to put the files to be delivered on the clients folder as a zipped file.

  • I currently use both YouSendIt and Dropbox. We use YouSendIt to send zipped folders of photos to our clients and we use Dropbox “in-house.” The problem that we constantly run into is the fact that a large majority of people have no idea how to un-zip a zipped folder. I think I could probably employ a part time individual JUST to walk thru the clients who call in on how to un-zip a folder. (OK, maybe thats a little stretch, but boy it feels like it. Haha) I’d like to find a quick, reliable program (not FTP) that clients do NOT have to subscribe to, that simply gives access to a folder of images and clients can pick & choose what photos to download or select them all and the program simply downloads the individual images to a destination of the clients choice on their computer. Any suggestions?

  • @Anthony- Pogoplug has close the functionality you are asking about. No zip files unless you choose to provide a zipped file on your client folder. You send them an email with a link and they download the images they want to.

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