PFRE Gets Some Coverage On CBS MoneyWatch Blog

January 21st, 2010

Today I did a phone interview with Alison Rogers of CBS for a blog post that she just put up on the Ask the Agent blog on the CBS MoneyWatch blog.

This was one of those interviews that you don’t get to choose the questions, but I love having any opportunity to get the real estate photography word out to a broader community. I believe the readership of this site is buyers and agents.

It’s interesting what attracts people to do these sort of things. Alison apparently attracted by the comments that I made in the post last week about the and how agents and real estate photographers should think about photo presentation on Not really what I expected, but whatever works. I think I’m going to work this year to get more media coverage to real estate photography. Thanks Alison for the coverage.

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3 Responses to “PFRE Gets Some Coverage On CBS MoneyWatch Blog”

  • Very cool, Larry! Congrats. And you are in a unique position to push forward the trend of pro photography for real estate, so I applaud that goal.

  • I agree with Scott. Way to score one. Something I thought about as I read the article: the really good photographer has a “natural” eye for composition and point of view. That is something that makes their photos stand-out from others. Most real estate agents don’t seem to have that ability.


  • Great interview, Larry! We need all those types of interviews we can get in the general media, so that real estate agents will realize that we are offering a service that they can’t do (or can’t do well enough) on their own. The more they (and their clients) hear this, the more it’ll sink in!

    Luke Gibson

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