Check Out The New Flickr Group: HDR/Blending For Real Estate

January 9th, 2010

A couple of days ago Milia Campbell (TulipChain Photography and TulipChain flickr handle) pointed out to me that we should have a separate flickr group for HDR and Blending in real estate so that all the there would be a separate place to post and discuss HDR and Blended images.

As you know if you’ve been hanging around PFRE for any time, HDR and blending are hugely popular in real estate photography. So this seemed like a great idea. As of a couple of days ago there is a new real estate photography flickr group called “HDR/Blending for real estate“. Milia and I are co-administrators of the group and so far the concept appears to be popular. The group is up to 4o members in the first two days. Go check it out. And thanks to Milia having and acting on this great idea!

I also noticed that Milia has some useful HDR tutorials on her blog that are worth checking out.

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