We Are Expanding To A Wider Beta Test

January 6th, 2010

After roughly four weeks of beta testing we are as of today (Wed, Jan 6) expanding the beta test to a wider audience. The next 100 people to sign-up (click here to sign-up) will be accepted and given a free tour. After we get 100 more people signed up we’ll not be accepting any more accounts for about a week.

By about mid-January we will be able to post tours on (PicturePath support) and be syndicating tours to some of the major real estate web sites.

We are planning to officially launch and completely open it up for everyone to use during the last week of January. By that time we will have most of the initial features added.

Just before I posted this, I  let everyone that previously requested a beta invitation know that we are now opening the site up for a second, wider round of testing so those folks would be first in line for this beta expansion.

We are getting great feedback from beta testers and will be prioritizing new features based on what beta testers tell us is most important to them. Thanks to everyone that’s participating in helping us build a great tour product designed for real estate photographers.

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3 Responses to “We Are Expanding To A Wider Beta Test”

  • Awesome. I think that the syndicating will be a huge bonus for this program if it can compete with Tour Factory and other programs like that.

  • I am puzzled with the full screen effect. In the non-full screen the Ken Burns effect has the pan within the picture frame. In full screen, the pan is the picture frame moving within the screen frame and no pan within the picture itself. I find that annoying and not in the spirit of the Ken Burns method.

  • James, You are right. It looks strange because the current demo tour does not have it’s images sized for full screen. Thanks for pointing that out we will get the full size images uploaded. Thanks for pointing that out.

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