Photomatix Light Version 1.0 Announced

January 5th, 2010

I  just discovered that HDRsoft announced Photomatix Light back on Dec 15, 2009. This slipped passed me because I’ve been depending on HDRsoft e-mails that announce new versions. I didn’t get one this time. Maybe it’s because I nitpicked the way the first version of their Lightroom plugin worked. I’ll be nice.

What Photomatix Light is, is a stripped down version of Photomatix Pro that has all the most used features for $39. This is a great product! It has, the “Adjust” method of exposure fusion and the “Details Enhancer” method from the tone mapping process. The Light version will fuse or tone map a maximum of 5 images and does not have batch processing features. Here is a detail comparison chart that shows how Photomatix Light compares to other HDRsoft products. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

A cool feature of Photomatix Light is three tone mapping presets (default, painterly and grunge). The default preset gives you a realistic tone mapped result that is roughly equivalent to doing exposure fusion. I like the way this acts as a quickly set reference point.

I think this stripped down, simplified version of Photomatix will be a big benefit to photographers just getting started with tone mapping and exposure fusion. This simple interface will eliminate a lot of confusion about what to do to get a fast realistic result. The default preset gives a realistic look and if you want to get creative from this reference point you still can. Kudos to HDRsoft for this great product! I think it’s a great choice for starting real estate photographers on a budget.

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  • HI there Larry, I didn’t receive an e-mail either. I am on the mailing list. So I guess it wasn’t you nitpicking. Thats weird. I always rely on the newsletters and updates to know what is going on. I just updated my subscription again

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