TV Host of Dra Corazon Program Is A Real Estate Photographer

December 3rd, 2009

A few months ago Estella Sneider, the TV host of Dra Corazon, (a Ph.D Clinical Psychologist and marriage and family therapist) e-mailed me and was showing me the real estate photography work that she was doing in the LA area.

Turns out that Estella’s TV hosting gig doesn’t get in the way of shooting real estate and she has a real passion for photography. Before she moved to LA in 1976, she used to have a business in Mexico called Luminos shooting children’s portraits.

Here are several of Estella’s recent shoots:

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7 Responses to “TV Host of Dra Corazon Program Is A Real Estate Photographer”

  • What magnificent homes to shoot!!
    Is it just me…but I thought a lot of the images were “very black” in their toning, and some of the verticals have a curve in them??
    Being the first to comment, I’m hesitate; but we make comments to be constructive and not critical, and we do this fairly quickly within the photo pool…but when it’s one of Larry’s stories…I stand back…
    Again I say, I don’t know how I would fare would homes as challenging as this..but it was first impressions for me..
    What do others think???..I feel we can all learn from these types of postings, similar to the photo pool??
    Cheers Milton

  • I just installed new monitors and wondered if these images were REALLY contrasty, or it was the monitors needing adjustment.

  • Mostly they look too WIDE …. Shot with an on-board flash. Bits and pieces masked in (poorly) bad verticals and distorted. Lastly the overall tones, contrast and processing of many of the images is not very inviting. The subject matter (homes are amazing)

    M. James

  • Can anyone guess what actions she was running to get that surreal look on the first couple of images on website one? Looks almost painted in a way.

  • Just took a closer look and Im guessing that Niksofts Tonal Contrast was run then sharpening.

  • Verticals need serious straightening. But she is on her way..

  • I Thank you all for your comments, They will help me improve!
    My display is 1920X1200 and photos look great in color. Maybe I should use lower resolution so is more compatible with general public.
    Regarding verticals, yes some are bad and then improved thanks to the advised of Larry Lohrman.
    Regarding wide angle I use 14mm on Nikon D3X . My broker likes wide angles, but in future I will start combining both wide and not so wide. Regarding Contrast, I may reduce it in the future, although owners of homes and broker had love it like this.
    In the first couple of images of Nichols, It has a dull day so I had to brightened the colors. Photos will be published in European Architectural Magazine.
    I did not use any flashes on Nichols or Linda Flora due to Dark shiny wood floors. Shot on tripod with F11 and very long exposure. One shot taken with measurement of interior light, second with measurement of exterior light. I then selected windows and pasted in to Interior photo.

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