If You Sell Yourself Cheap, You Will Never Get Out of That Hole

November 30th, 2009

There are a couple of good resources that have come to my attention recently over at the Association of Media Photographers site recently.

The first is the Strictly Business Blog. This blog has a constant stream of great photography business information on it. Just one example is this video on negotiation from a post back in April of this year.

Another resource is this article by ASMP commissioned attorney Chris Reese on social media terms of service. Chris gives a summary of best practices for posting your photos on social media sites, compares the TOS of various social media sites and gives an amazing hypothetical question and answer session on what the various social media sites could do with your images given what their TOS say. You’d be amazed!

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3 Responses to “If You Sell Yourself Cheap, You Will Never Get Out of That Hole”

  • Excellent post! Thank you.

  • Very nice to see that issue discussed with professionalism amongst true professionals.

  • Thanks great points.
    large companies like to make profits paying shooters peanuts.
    What are the rates for shooting in NY ??

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