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November 26th, 2009

I want to point out a change to the blog that may not be all that obvious. At the bottom of each post there’s a line of text that says, “Share and Enjoy“. Under that text is a line of little icons and links for posting to social networking sites. The icons are a little hard to recognize, but if you hover over those icons, a bit of text will be displayed for what each does. I’ve used the plugin that inserts these icons and links for a long time now. I was adding the icon for Twitter, Linkedin, FriendFeed and Facebook today and noticed that I could also add an icon/link to print a post and to create a PDF file of a post.

I’ve had several requests for setting the blog up so readers can print posts in a more printer friendly format. Turns out I had the ability all along an just needed to turn it on. For those that are doing WordPress blogs of their own and want to use this feature, the WordPress Plugin I’m using to do this is called Sociable, by Joost De Valk.

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2 Responses to “Print or Make a PDF of Posts on This Blog”

  • These are very helpful tools for a blog. I will be checking into them for my own use.

  • Funny Larry, I am just implementing these into my Flash slideshow app.
    For a nice collection of 30 social media icons check out:

    Now I need to find out the stats… who is hot and who’s not?
    Twitter – Facebook – Linkedin go up for sure. Now 3 more.. Delicious – Digg – Techorati? Google – Stubleupon – Mixx?
    Which would be used the most for a RE photo presentation you think?

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