A Great Way To Strengthen Your Real Estate Portfolio

November 23rd, 2009

I want to point out the valuable service that Scott Hargis is providing over at his blog. Scott is reviewing real estate photography portfolios. For any one that requests a review, he makes 30 minute video stepping through your portfolio (website) giving a detailed discussion of what he likes and doesn’t like about your portfolio. He tells you where it’s strong and where it’s weak.

It’s a great service for the portfolio owner and it’s very educational for any one that takes the time to watch the review videos. I applaud Scott for taking the time to do these reviews. I enjoy watching them and think he does a great job.

So if you are interested in strengthening your real estate portfolio send Scott and e-mail and get on his review list or just watch his reviews. I hope this process doesn’t swamp him and he’s able to keep it up.

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One Response to “A Great Way To Strengthen Your Real Estate Portfolio”

  • I’ve seen Scott’s reviews (and even saw one on a website/portfolio that looked *really* familiar), and learned a lot about what can make or kill a portfolio. Anyone who is unsure about his/her presentation to the public can learn a lot from viewing these videos. Even if it’s for a site you’re not intimately familiar with.

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