Some Real Estate Photography Weekend News Items

November 20th, 2009

Scott Hargis’s Brisbane & Màlaga Lighting Workshops: Yesterday Scott announced that he is doing a lighting workshop in Màlaga, Spain and one in Brisbane, Australia. There are only 8 seats in each class so you’ll need to move fast to signup before they are full. Get all the details and signup at Scott’s workshop site.

Rumors about new Canon L Glass: I’ve seen chatter on the net about Canon upgrading it’s 24-70L f/2.8 and the 70-200L f/2.8. There are some Canon rebates on these lenses right now which is always a good indicator about coming updates. If you are thinking about purchasing one of these lenses and want the latest and greatest, better hold on a while.

Google is Getting Serious About Real Estate Listings: From 1000watt “A couple weeks ago the company’s move to include a real estate overlay on Google Maps, which put listings smack-dab in front of millions of Google users who likely had no idea the company has spent the last several years quietly aggregating this content. Read the original article here.

Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta Help Announced: The more I use Lightroom 3.0 Beta the more I like it! Adobe recently announced it’s LR 3.0 Beta help system. Either hit F1 while in LR 3.0 or go to

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  • I found out yesterday Google has a way to go. I am a Realtor in a rural area of N. CA and Realtor friend called saying she couldn’t find a listing she was doing a BPO on. I entered the address into Google and wow, up came a page which included the map! I carefully relayed the map to her. Still no house. Finally I gave her the phone of the listing agent who was able to guide her to the house. Google was clear on the wrong side of town! In case you are wondering, her GPS was wrong too. I wonder who is selling this misinformation to whom.

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