Three Other Real Estate Photography Blogs and A Podcast Worth Checking Out

November 10th, 2009

I want to finally welcome three other real estate photography blogs and a podcast to the real estate photography niche. Here is the run down:

Scott Hargis: Scott is a long time contributor in the PFRE flickr group and is probably best known for the lighting workshops that he and Thomas Grubba do. Scott has been posting since April of 2009 and recently has been posting some video tutorials real estate photography portfolios reviews.

Mike Miriello: I discovered Mike’s blog and podcast from a interview of Mikes’ that Scott posted on his blog. Mike has apparently doing his podcast since July of 2009 and does a podcast every week. I haven’t listened to all of 16 episodes yet but the ones I have listened to are very worthwhile. You can subscribe to Mike’s podcast at his blog or on iTunes.

Michael Asgian: Michael is a long time contributor in the PFRE flickr group and some time in October started a real estate photography blog. Michael also does workshops on real estate photography and virtual tours.

It’s great to get some help in this little niche after over 4 years trying to do the whole job all by myself! Just a few days ago while rummaging around on my site I ran across what I think was my first blog post on This was back when PFRE was on and using Google Adsense. Google still serves up fresh ads on the page when you bring it up.

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