Lightroom 3 New Features Overview

November 2nd, 2009

For the last couple of days I’ve been digging through the new features in the Lightroom 3 Beta. All I can say is Wow! There area a bunch of really cool new features in this version. Matt and Scott over at have a nice concise summary of the major features.

I think one of the most significant features for real estate photographers is the new features in the Slideshow module. You can now export a PDF or video slideshow from a collection of photos. The video is ready to upload to youtube or other video hosting site. You can add text over images before you make the video so you can create a complete video without a video editor.

The  slideshow module video export feature is a great way to make time-lapse videos. Sean McCormack over at has created a couple of presets that allow you to take a series of images shot for time-lapse and export a 780 HD video.

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