So What’s In Your Real Estate Photography Gear Bag?

October 28th, 2009

Scott Hargis has a good video that walks you through what he takes to a real estate photography shoot. He covers cameras, lenses, and all his lighting equipment. Very informative!

The one bit of gear that Scott doesn’t explain in this video is how his shirt works. Scott’s wearing a state of the art optical camouflage cloaking shirt. These new shirts can be setup to either display random camouflage patterns (this is the mode Scott’s shirt is in) or they can be connected to a video camera that you wear on your back that displays an image on the front of your shirt of what’s in back of you, thus making the shirt invisible! This is exactly the same optical cloaking technology that the British use to cloak tanks.

Click here for more detail on optical cloaking technology.

Far-out Scott, keep up the good work!

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9 Responses to “So What’s In Your Real Estate Photography Gear Bag?”

  • Whack, that was fun and good info too!

  • It should be mentioned that Scott’s shirt is from the famous French designer, Moire.

    Great vid, btw. It’s good to see not only what Scott carries, but how he carries it.

  • Wow, that’s some setup he’s got there. I’m not a photographer, but this video had some great information that I’ll be keeping in the back of my mind from now on. Man, that shirt made it hard to concentrate on the rest of the video though.

  • And if you want to see a toothpick skinny Scott, just squish your browser horizontally. lol

  • Ok… I now know who to rob when I’m in San Francisco, and the bags will make it easy to run with!!! 😉 Though, I’ll have to be careful not to run into Scott while he’s coming at me with his cloaking device on!

    btw, what was up with the Star Wars computer sound effects running throughout the video?!

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  • I’m a wedding photographer but its amazing how much overlap there is in what we carry – maybe you should photograph some weddings!

  • It would be a bit too much if this is for a standard real estate shoot. By the time he rolled all things out, half an hour has gone already. I hope he uses this setup for high end market only.

  • Pele,

    That was the real estate kit. The high-end kit is bigger 😉
    Everything doesn’t have to come out of the bag for every shoot. I generally set up 4 lights and get an umbrella ready, takes about 4 minutes for me to be ready to start shooting. The key is the quick-release plates that stay on the flashes; makes it a snap to have them on the lightstands and ready to go. Then, as I’m shooting, if I need a reflector or whatever, I go get it. Otherwise it stays in the bag.

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