Nocturne: Vincent Laforet and Stu Maschwitz’s New 1Ds Mk IV Video

October 24th, 2009

Here is something for your weekend entertainment. Watch it while you can; Vincent took the movie down from his site at Canon’s request. Apparently Canon wants it only on their site. But it’s still up on Stu’s blog.

Stu and Vincent used a prototype Canon 1D Mk IV to shoot this. Stu says this was shot with available light.

Stu says:

“Two weeks ago Vincent Laforet emailed me with a cryptic request to join him in shooting a follow-up to his short film Reverie, the short that started the avalanche of excitement over DSLRs that oh-by-the-way happen to shoot video. I was flattered, but found myself thinking “Does the world need another Reverie?” What I didn’t know was that Vincent had just had his mind blown by a new prototype camera that Canon had sent him, and his mind was racing with ideas for how to put it to work.”

Update: Here’s another copy on Benjamin Nussbaum’s (the editor of the film) site in case the link above is taken down.

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  • Just an fyi helper, it’s the 1D, not 1Ds…..big price diff is a guarantee 🙂

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