Look At How Top Agents Are Marketing Buyers With Mobile Phones

October 21st, 2009

I want to pass along another example of the importance of mobile devices because two weeks ago when I suggested that buyers may stand out in the street in front of a listing and look at photos of the inside of the listing I was amazed by how many readers thought that this was an unrealistic, impractical and crazy idea. Well keep reading, marketing to buyers with mobile phones goes way beyond the scenario I suggested.

A good friend who is a top listing agent in the Seattle area told me about a site she is using. Here’s how it works:

  1. The listing agent puts a sign rider on the for sale sign that tells anyone interested in the home to text a code to a number if they want more info on the listing.
  2. The phone that sent the text message  is sent a flyer with photos and information on the phone…  basically an electronic flyer.
  3. The listing agent is also immediately texted lead information that says a lead is at her listing along with the leads mobile phone number.
  4. If she chooses to, the listing agent can call the lead while they are still standing in front of the listing and answer any questions they may have about the listing.

While this is not directly an example that involves real estate photography, it demonstrates how mobile phones are becoming integrated into real estate marketing. 1 and 2 could just as easily be handled with a simple URL posted on the for sale sign rider so people could use the browser on their mobile device to get more information.

It’s probably worth mentioning that some mobile phone users are more comfortable with texting to request information while others (iPhone users in particular) are very comfortable using their browsers to get information. iPhone users are comfortable using their browser because it works so well. Even though I had a SmartPhone (Treo 300, 600, 650) for years, I never really used a browser on a mobile phone until I got an iPhone.

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5 Responses to “Look At How Top Agents Are Marketing Buyers With Mobile Phones”

  • Hi Larry,
    This is old hat.
    Open2view is in the forefront of Real Estate Marketing.

  • Neville- Yes I know, you guys are always on the bleeding edge down there… What is it, something in the water;) I came down to NZ for a couple months in 2000 and biked around the South Island and didn’t want to come back! Can’t wait to come down again.

  • Something FIRST announced less than 6 months ago is hardly old hat.
    Thanks for posting Larry.
    I actually found the post disturbing, from a consumer point of view.
    But I guess if they make the phone call, they then choose to participate.

  • Even if it is old hat, the first I heard about it was here. Thanks Larry

  • for sure the coolest thing ever. going to let all my clients know about this when i photographer there homes.
    thanks so much

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