Real Estate Illustrator Adds Real Estate Photography To His Services

October 17th, 2009

One of the greatest enjoyments I get from doing this blog is hearing stories from readers of how they have been able to build a successful real estate photography business. About 35% do real estate photography full time and about 47% do real estate photography part time. I hear from many folks that are using real estate photography to supplement or replace their incomes during the recent economic down turn.

Bill Compton, a long time real estate illustrator that works in the San Francisco area, found real estate photography to be a natural extension of his illustration business when the economic down turn caused a slump in his illustration business.

Bill says:

“I want to thank you (again) for the PFRE blog. You and your site have helped me immeasurably. Though I majored in photography in college, my career for the past 30 years has been “real estate illustration.” That is, I supplied agents with drawings and/or watercolors of their listings for newspaper ads, brochures, and so on. Though much of the country does not seem to use artwork in this way, nevertheless it provided me with a full time income here in the San Francisco Bay Area… at least until the market crumbled. Suddenly my work load slipped to a third of what it was. I tried to figure what else I could do, part time, to bring in extra money, and decided to haul out my camera and try doing real estate photography.

I stumbled onto your blog, bought your book, and the rest is history! I already had a list of real estate clients; I just had to inform them that I was offering a new service in addtion to my artwork. A year later I have a growing list of very happy photography clients who love my work. I’m still not earning as much as I used to, but it sure helps! And you helped me get here. Your blog is outstanding; friendly; informative; always interesting.”

Thanks for the feedback Bill! These kind of stories make my day.

One of the unexpected discoveries that comes from these kind of stories over the last 3 years of doing this blog is that the process of building a real estate photography business is remarkably similar throughout the world. What works in Seattle, appears to work in Brisbane, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Helsinki, Dublin, Oxfordshire, LA, NY, Amsterdam and Kansas City.

Keep the success stories coming.

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