Scott Hargis: Nobody Will Take You Seriously If Your Verticals Are Converging

October 11th, 2009

Scott Hargis just put up a excellent tutorial on his blog on how to keep your verticals from converging.

Scott’s main point is if you are not diligent about keeping your verticals from converging, nobody will take you serious as a professional interior photographer. Scott goes through a step by step  8 minute tutorial on how to fix verticals and any version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements with the Edit>Transform commands.

I’m sure some of you are tired of this subject but there are far too many photographers out there shooting interiors that don’t get this concept. It seems to be one of the most difficult concepts for beginning real estate photographers to get.

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12 Responses to “Scott Hargis: Nobody Will Take You Seriously If Your Verticals Are Converging”

  • Nice flattering photo you chose there, Larry. 😉
    I should use that one as my new headshot!

  • Scott, the reason I chose this frame is that it’s the most “in your face” frame and many folks need “in your face” on this subject.

  • hahaha I like it! I’m going to frame it for my wall.

  • Looks your singing “O Sole Mio” hahahaha

  • Larry and Scott, as always, thank you for posts that are truly helpful.

  • Yo, listen up. We can’t remind people enough about this. It is just really basic stuff.

    Just a couple of points for newcomers who may eventually get into doing “real” architectural or interior design photography. With very tall buildings a little bit of vertical convergence may be appropriate, depending on the composition and angle of view. Also, with details of decor rather than wider shots of spaces, lining up verticals may not be necessary or even desirable, depending on the composition, the subject and what the client is looking for.

    I have seen only one real estate photographer who makes successful photos without lining up verticals, and he uses a very artsy look which is very suitable for certain subjects, but which limits marketability for the broader range of properties.

  • Most of the Open2View shots I have seen don’t correct verticals.
    Must be OK to do then?

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  • Converging verticals are one of those things that with a little extra time and energy can be easily avoided…thanks for the video.

  • I think I need to post that frame grab right next to the quote on my (non-existant) testimonials page:

    “King of the Bathroom Shot!” — Scott Hargis

  • There is no Edit>Transform command in PSE version 7. Don’t remember about prior versions. But straightening vertical works great in PSE using Filter>Correct Camera Distortion.

  • @Mike Martin: In PSE 7, it’s Image > Transform.

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