Realtor Photo Guide Updates: What All Agents Need To Know About Photos

October 10th, 2009

I’ve posted updated versions both the English version and the Russian version of the Realtor photo guide. Andrey Khrolenok who did the Russian translation inspired me to do this update. Andrey reduced the font size in the Russian version so there is room for photo examples. He also overlaid each photo example with a red X or green check mark to make it clearer which is the good example and which is the bad example. So I’ve done the same thing in the English version. The result is that I now have photo examples for nine of  the ten real estate photography principles covered in the guide.

A reminder for those not familiar with the Realtor Photo Guide; this guide is a free resource intended to help educate real estate agents in the aesthetics of real estate marketing photography. So, if you are a Realtor, help yourself and pass it around to your friends. If you are a real estate photographer, feel free to use this guide in your marketing. Also feel free to modify or extend it or use your own photos like Andrey has done. Several regular real estate photographer readers tell me they have used the guide in their e-mail marketing. John May says he used it recently in a e-mailing to 160 agents in his area and the stats for the mailing showed that 67% opened the e-mail and 13% clicked through to the PDF.

The philosophy behind the guide is that if agents understand the basics of how good real estate marketing photography works in the end, it’s a win for everyone. Some will choose to do it themselves but most won’t. Most don’t have the time or the inclination. But in either case anyone marketing real estate needs to know what good real estate  photography looks like.

Update: All the versions of the Realtor’s Photo Guide are at: and I put up an “Ad” link to this page (the white ad) on the left sidebar.

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3 Responses to “Realtor Photo Guide Updates: What All Agents Need To Know About Photos”

  • Larry, thanks for continuing to improve this piece. Any chance you can produce a future version without as much compression on the photos? I would prefer them sharper, less soft.

  • @Scott- I neglected to point out in the post that there are several versions of the guide:
    1-A small version 1 Mb (which I linked to in the original post)… I’ll recreate this version with sharper photos.
    2-A large version 2.8 Mb which has larger photos

    All the various versions are at which is where the white ad for the Realtors guide links to.

  • A real estate Realtor Photo Guide, should be used as it is free and the other thing is that one picture can explain a thing in a colored way that thousands of line can,t explain. It would be surely a powerful tool to enhance my efforts to promote my business.

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