Check Out The New PFRE Fluid Content Column

October 6th, 2009

OK, check this out this new look! Based on all the reader input that I got last week when Peter, my WordPress guy, moved the blog width to 1280 and 1024, I had Peter do a refinement to make the blog center content column fluid, based on the browser window width.

The way the blog works now is the header is still 1280 px wide so for those that like the wide look, it still works at 1280 but for those that don’t like the wide look, the center column will fluidly scale to fit whatever browser screen with you give it. I like this design much better than the previous design because it gives the reader total control of the blog width.

I will be laying out posts with larger photos than back when the blog was 900 pixels wide but this won’t stop you from scrunching the width down to what ever you like.

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10 Responses to “Check Out The New PFRE Fluid Content Column”

  • LOVE IT!!

    Looks great. You and Peter did a great job responding to feedback!!

  • Great job 🙂

  • Something for everyone. Now that is a nice solution!

  • Works for me now Larry, looks great!

  • Very cool!

  • a great improvement… thanks

  • Nicely done Larry!!

  • Looks great, Btw the site is allways a great source of inspiration.


  • This is a much better solution for those of us who prefer browser windows narrower than the full monitor width. Thanks.

  • It certainly surprised me when I looked at it in Firefox. The center and right columns switched places and the width (below the header) stayed narrow. Looks loke I will have to use IE.

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