New PFRE Idol: Mario Restrepo – San Diego and Baja, Mexico

October 2nd, 2009

Congradulations to Mario Restrepo who has been voted PFRE Idol for Oct 2009 by the PFRE flickr group. Mario services all of San Diego County, CA and Northern Baja, MX.

We featured Mario’s 360 work on PFRE back in May of 2008. Mario is a very accomplished 360 shooter.

Mario says:

Hello Everyone,

To start, I need to thank everyone for all your excellent questions and comments over the years on PRFE and the associated Flickr group. This photo shoot is really a derivative of everything I have learned from all of you.

This home is an ocean front home here in Baja about 1 hour south of the border, on a cliff, with 180° unobstructed ocean views. So the critria of the shoot was capturing the ocean from as many places from within the house as possible.

Here is the whole 360° panorama virtual tour package that is included with the listing. It includes seven 360° panorama virtual tours, pictures, and a Google Map.

With this particular shot, I saved the shooting time until it was closer to the twighlight hour so it was easier to capture the ocean view through the windows. With most of the house I was shooting HDR using HDR, +2, 0 -2, and this shot was the same. I used Tufuse to merge the images.

When I opened up the merged image in PSD, I still had a ceiling that was relatively dark, and a hot spot on the floor rug located inbetween the window on the right and the patio slider.

To fix the ceiling that was still too dark, I masked in a lighter layer using the linear gradient tool. This was easy to do in this shot because there were no lights hanging from the ceiling that would have become overexposed with the lighter layer masked in.

The hot spot on the floor was round because it was coming from a light source on the wall. So I corrected this by masking in a darker layer using the radial gradient too.

I would be happy to answer any questions.

If you’d like to submit a photo for next month’s competition do it here.

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2 Responses to “New PFRE Idol: Mario Restrepo – San Diego and Baja, Mexico”

  • Congratulations Mario! A well deserved recognition.

  • Wow! Beautiful tour.

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