Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 8

September 29th, 2009

Yesterday Mike Martin pointed out to me that Adobe has announced Photoshop Elements 8 for both the Mac and Windows. Here’s the press release. It appears that Adobe has finally synchronized the Windows and Mac version. For years the Mac version was always behind the Windows version. This new version of PSE is going to be available some time in October and will be $79 (with a $20 mail in rebate) if you purchase it from the Adobe online store.

Mike raised a question that I’m sure other beginning real estate photographers are thinking. Mike says, “I’d like to know more why this isn’t your basic standard for RE photographers versus Lightroom.  What’s Lightroom have that RE photographers NEED that isn’t in PSE?” He’s referring to the fact that I’m always ranting about Lightroom and I put Lightroom on my list of essential tools for real estate photographers.

Here’s why: sure, Photoshop Elements has everything you will ever need for real estate photography, but the Photoshop interface evolved as a tool to satisfy graphic artists. PSE has always been the light version of Photoshop. Lightroom on the other hand is designed from scratch for photographers. This focus on the photographer resulted in a interface that makes the photographers life faster and easier. So, real estate photographers can live without Lightroom but their work get’s done faster and easier with Lightroom. Is it worth the extra $200? I think so, but this is a call everyone has to make for themselves. An easy way to decide is to go download the 30 day Lightroom trial and see for yourself.

PSE has always been a great value. You get 90% of Photoshop functionality for around 10% of the cost of Photoshop. I’m anxious to see what new features they’ve added to PSE 8. It sounds like it will have more organizational features and a new feature appears to be online backup of your photos. I’ll report back in the near future, I pre-ordered a copy today.

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10 Responses to “Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 8”

  • I wanted to address the question on why Lightroom:

    Not only is Lightroom designed for photographers it also is designed to cut down the time in your workflow. I have used Lightroom now for over 3 years and I have to say that the efficiencies I have gained are worth the price of the application 10 fold! Let me break down some of the features that Ligthroom has that speeds up my workflow.
    1. Five modules that work in tandem seamlessly, Catalog, Develop, Print, Sideshow and Web.
    2. Native Camera RAW support for all camera brands (More on Camera RAW Later)
    3. Non Destructive editing!!! if you don’t use it you better start!
    4. Rich search and catalog functions

    Although PSE has pieces of this they don’t have it all in one place easy to use. In addition, the speed at which you can deliver a finished product to your customer is astounding.

    My workflow is so much fast now that I use Lightroom. Let me give you and example of a typical workflow:
    1. Come back from a shoot and insert my memory card and import photos
    2. Flag keepers and photos for deletion
    3. Rate and keyword photos
    4. Quickly touch up and adjust photos (Lightroom also has presets to help you speed this process and the ability to copy settings from one photo to many)
    5. Add selected photos to web gallery and publish to my website (Client review website template is available from GREAT GREAT template!)
    6. Print proofs from customer.

    This process for 200 or so shots can take me less than an HOUR! I was never able to do this with PSE!

    In the end we are professionals, USE professional tools!



  • What John said!

  • @john- Good summary of why Lightroom!

  • Lightroom = Catalog

    When you have 50,000+ images in your library, you’ll appreciate that.

  • Hi Larry,

    I downloaded the trail from the adobe site and think it is a solid version of Photoshop. Lightroom is my main tool I use, but I like to use the cloning features of Photoshop.

    One thing I do see that PSE doesn’t include is the lens correction feature to help control verticals – but it does have skew which I used most of the time.

  • Never mind my comment – I found the lens correction feature.

  • John makes a good point, grabbing a small Macbook with PSE runs incredibly fast and no need for all the regular PS or LR processing ‘weight’ bogging down the machine.

    But you can’t beat the power and efficiency of LR, it is simply designed by/for photographers, something that Elements just doesn’t feel like it has.

  • Lightroom = 3rd party RAW converter = compromised position

  • Stupid point about the Raw converter. It uses the same Raw converter as Photoshop so it doesn’t even relate to this discussion.

  • Thanks for posting and also to those making a case for Lightroom.

    First, I don’t need another program to “catalog” my photos. I use a file system: agent name, house address, as-taken shots, processed shots. PSE lets me create in batch a ‘smaller’ processed version for exporting to agents (e.g., for MLS, etc.).
    2. PSE includes camera raw tools.
    3. I’ve never destroyed anything during editing using PSE.
    4. “Lightroom has presets”. I haven’t convinced myself this is good. I process each photo carefully on its own merits. I’m not a high volume professional.
    5. I wouldn’t use Lightroom to upload my photos. I use a 3rd party VT hosting company. I upload files using their website tools. Clients see VTs/photos there (full screen). Almost nobody wants prints.

    I bet Lightroom is better than PSE. I still don’t know why its better for me.

    PS. PSE can create a video file (for use on YouTube, etc.) of slide show productions of still images. I’ve resisted that too, but will go there soon. Can Lightroom?

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