How to Keep Your Clients From Leaving

September 14th, 2009

John Quarles, a real estate photographer in Birmingham, AL passed on this great idea for giving your clients a good reason to not leave you to go with one of those $49 discount real estate photographers.

John uses the Slideshow Pro director version to store all slide shows for all his clients on his web site. He creates a page for each client that shows all their sold and active listings that he’s done for them. This page becomes a marketing page for the agent when the agent is sitting with a prospective listing client trying to get a new listing. If the agent gets the listing John get’s the shoot. Great idea, the agent is going to think twice about going with a discount shooter because they will loose this great listing presentation and tool. Believe me, this kind of thing is important when talking to a home owner about listing their home. You’d be surprised by the number of agents than don’t have a way they can show prospective clients a portfolio of sold homes.

Implementing this idea takes some basic web  and HTML skills, but it costs very little. Web space that will hold all slide shows for all your shoots for years is not that much. has a free domain name and unlimited disk space for $6.95 per month. has unlimited disk storage and bandwidth for less than $50 per year.

Thanks John for passing along this success story!

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11 Responses to “How to Keep Your Clients From Leaving”

  • Absolutely great idea. As with all business sectors, the way to keep your price is to offer additional benefits (quality) that the bottom feeders do not. In any type of market, trying to under bid the competition will quickly be a race to the bottom.

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  • Now THIS is marketing! Very smart idea, John…

  • What an excellent idea!

  • Would it be likely that after he put up a half-dozen slideshows for an agent, the agent would download the shows (I did – it works) and henceforth go with the $49 discount shooter?

  • @Michael- First of all downloading images from a Slideshow Pro slide show is beyond the technical capabilities of almost every agent I know. But even if they did download all the images/slideshows there’s more to this idea than the slide shows. The key idea is a agent webpage that has links to all the slide shows.

    There’s only 1 agent in 5000 that can do this for them selves. Trust me. Agents will love this idea… Guaranteed. This is probably one of the best marketing ideas I’ve heard of in the last 3 years!

    Thanks again to John Quarles for sharing this idea with us!!

  • This is the same way I run my business. I go a step further. On my site the realtor’s first or last name is the name of their index page…ex: goes directly to that realtor’s page. She uses it as her own web page for marketing. Since I have done about 30 homes for her, I bought her a custom domain and it is pointed to her index page.
    Every client I work for instantly has a web site as soon as I shoot a home for them. They love it and they love the simplicity of the web address.
    I tell the realtors to ask their client to have the computer on during the listing appointment so the agent can show them their tours. As mentioned above, if the agent gets the listing, I take the photos.

  • If your photography is good, you don’t need to worry about your clients going to a 49.00 service, because if they want to look cheap and have crummy photos, unreliable and often lousy service, and have their clients faced with often less than desirable characters walking through their homes, then they deserve what they get. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! The slideshow thing is nice, but that alone won’t keep clients…

  • This sounds like a great idea. It keeps the clients happy and coming back.

  • This is a “built in” feature when using Each Realtor gets their own webiste featuring all the tours I’ve done for them. See an example at:

  • I completely agree and have first hand knowledge that this works.

    When the real estate market went ‘south’ on us, a lot of agents were closing their wallets. Right around the same time, my company actually came across a pretty affordable service that offers a web gallery for real estate at a pretty reasonable price. It has features including virtual tours, gallery, music, maps, school information, email client links, print links, and other useful tools for real estate agents as well as real estate shoppers.

    Once we started to include this gallery for our agents, a lot of our agent clients stayed with us and continue using.

    St. Louis photographers haven’t caught on yet, but virtual tours with a good agent website is the best way to stand out from the competition.

    Just my two cents…

    Vladimir Sterkin

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