I’ve Decided to Leave The Flickr Group As Is

September 3rd, 2009

First of all, thanks for all the input and ideas from everyone. Besides all the detailed comments on the previous posts, I’ve exchanged a lot of e-mail and flickr mail with people on the subject of a subscription forum site. I appreciate and respect everyone’s input and ideas.

I’ve decided to leave everything the way it is at least for now. I’ve done research on options for forums and frankly, they all fall short compared to the ease of use and photo discussion features of flickr. Sure, other forums have more control but what it comes down to is flickr is designed for photo discussions and that’s what were using it for. Also, flickr, is easy to administrate compared to other alternatives. There are options out there for those that want a closed forum and I see no point in duplicating those.

Also, I want to point out a new flickr group, Video For Real Estate, just started by Peter (flickr handle The Big Other) and encourage those that are interested in video for real estate to join and participate in Peter’s group. Video is an increasingly important subject in real estate photography and it’s never too soon to start learning techniques for shooting, and editing video. I’ve go a link to Peter’s new video flickr group on the right-hand side-bar under Flickr Links.

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