Profit From Neighbor New Listing Interest- Part 2

September 1st, 2009

You may have missed a valuable idea in the comments on my post on tapping into neighbor interest in listings. It’s worth another post. The essence of the discussion is, another powerful way to get exposure with the neighbors around homes you shoot is with a rider sign on the For Sale sign or on a separate yard sign.

One suggestion was to put out your own yard signs. Ask the agent to put a yard sign in the yard alongside the For Sale sign. This is a great idea. You see landscapers, painters and other vendors do this to get their name and phone number in front of the neighbors.

Another approach that works great if you have control of the tour URL is to supply the agent with a rider or topper sign that has both your name/phone number and the URL of the home tour. Rider signs are the signs that you see swinging below the main sign. I use zip ties to attach rider signs to the main sign since my wife’s signs all have holes along the bottom edge. The other option, if the main sign doesn’t have holes is to put the rider sign along the top edge of the horizontal arm of the hangman’s sign. Vendors that print rider signs will supply little plastic clips that attach the signs on the horizontal bar. Keep the tour numbers to 4 or 5 digits and have the sign printer print everything but the numbers. Then put the tour number on with stick-on numbers (get them at any hardware store)  when you put up the sign.

You will find some real estate companies use this kind of rider with a tour URL. My wife’s broker, John L Scott, has been doing it for almost 10 years, but I’m amazed by the number of companies that don’t do this. The great thing about this marketing approach is it not only market’s the home but it takes neighbors directly to you website.

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3 Responses to “Profit From Neighbor New Listing Interest- Part 2”

  • A great cost effective medium worth using for this type of signage would be corrugated plastic. You can easily punch holes in it for the twist ties and it is extremely flexible and weather-proof.

    Let’s not forget that when OTHER realtors happen to see the sign rider, more often then not they will check out the tour out of curiosity or for keeping tabs on their competition.

    I was going to do this for my virtual tour’s, however, the market is fairly saturated in Toronto, and as a result, i am not quite sure if i can afford to front the costs.

  • This is a solid idea, and from a real estate agent’s perspective I imagine most agents wouldn’t mind at all if you offer them a free rider with the web address (and your info!). You can find sign riders online for as low as $7 plus shipping, so it’s not too expensive.

  • I have found cheaper sign riders Michael… It works best if you buy more than one, as they can go as cheap as 2 bucks a piece. They are a great idea and handy to have around just in case so it makes it worth buying five of them or so.

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