Recent WSJ Article on Real Estate Photography

August 23rd, 2009

Wall Street Journal reporter June Fletcher did an article on 8/21/2009 in the WSJ real estate section about her frustrations as a buyer looking at typical real estate marketing photos.

It’s good to keep these kind of press articles to use in your marketing materials. They carry weight because they are published in a well known paper. I’ve added this article to my delicious links. However, even though she makes some good points, Ms Fletcher overstates what it costs to hire a real estate photographer and doesn’t understand the difference between real estate photography and architectural photography.

I noticed this article be cause PFRE blog reader Glenda Cherry made a comment on the article to straighten out June in her quote on real estate photographer pricing. Glenda put a link to the PFRE real estate photographer directory in her comment and I noticed that the blog was getting traffic from Glenda’s comment. Thanks Glenda.

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6 Responses to “Recent WSJ Article on Real Estate Photography”

  • You’re welcome, Larry!

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  • Another great article by the Globe and Mail here in Canada;

    I frequently hand out printed versions of this article to potential client’s as a form of informative based marketing. Although it mentions the competition, it only does so to reinforce the point that “you get what you pay for”.

  • DSilver- Thanks for the link. I should have explained my comment about my delicious links. is a bookmarking site where you can share bookmarks with others on the net. My account at delicious is and anyone can go to that location and see my collection of bookmarks relating to real estate photography.

    In that collection of bookmarks I have among other things the top seven news-articles that relate to real estate photography since early 2007. The article you refer to in the globe and mail is there. However, by far the best and most important is the one by Vivian Toy from the NYtimes in Feb of 2007. Vivian does an outstanding job at making the case for good real estate photography.

    This WSJ article does a marginal job and does a poor job of research relating to pricing.

  • I was one of the photogs contacted and ultimately quoted. Things were all done in a rush under deadline. Having worked in broadcast news for over a decade, it just happens. Thanks for putting your finger on something that struck me after the fact, architectural vs real estate photography was not clearly laid out. Things got fuzzy there! ! cheers ng

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