Have You Seen Timothy Armes’ Latest LR Plugin?

August 22nd, 2009

Timothy Armes has written a number of nifty little export plugins for Lightroom. I used his LR/Enfuse plugin until Photomatix came out with their plugin that will round-trip images between Lightroom to Photomatix.

Tim’s latest plugin (LR2/GMail) is pretty cool, particularly if you e-mail images to clients. This little export plugin lets you e-mail images via Gmail directly from within LR. The plugin has access to your Gmail contacts and you can build the e-mail from within LR. Just select the images to send, click export, fill out the To:, Cc:, Subject, and message body and click send. Tim’s plugin’s are donation-ware. Give him a nice donation if you use this software.

I know, delivering photos via e-mail isn’t the most elegant, professional delivery method, but many real estate photographers still do it do it this way. If you do deliver via e-mail, this plugin will save you a bunch of time.

What, you don’t have a Gmail account! If you don’t you need my “get your e-mail under control” lecture. Here is the condensed version. My real estate photography business e-book has the complete version of the lecture.

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