PFRE Blog Will Discontinue Advertising

August 21st, 2009

For the last 18 months I’ve experimented with second party advertising on the blog but I’ve now decided to drop all non-PFRE ads on the blog for two reasons:

  1. I want to remove any and all appearance that advertising income or advertisers in any way effect what products I write about or what I say. My first allegiance is to blog readers and it’s just not worth it to me to have it even look any other way.
  2. I want to use that space solely for the products that provide the primary support to the blog. Having this space will allow me to more clearly present the PFRE blog products.

I will continue to be B&H affiliate. What this means is that B&H pays me a percentage of the purchases that PFRE make when they purchase something after going to the B&H site through a link from the PFRE blog. I think this kind of affiliate linking is a win-win for everyone involved. That’s why I’m keeping it. Let me know if anyone feels otherwise.

Also, I’m going to change what is now called the “resources” page to the “favorites” page so that it’s clearer that this is a list of my favorite real estate photography related products. In the past, I’ve put links to pretty much anything on the resources page. It the future it will be using the favorites page only for my favorite products that I feel deserve to be highlighted and pointed out to readers.

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One Response to “PFRE Blog Will Discontinue Advertising”

  • Hello Larry

    Was never offended by your advertisements, but I have seen a blog or two devolve, over a few years, into more of a marketing venture and less of a community of information. Kudos for wanting to maintain the air of “integrity” that goes hand in hand with your mission.

    The link to B & H is more than appropriate. I always click through when I learn about a product I like from a blog post. Its a simple way to support someone who went to all the trouble of doing the legwork for you.

    Continued success my friend!

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