You Can Stand Up To Unauthorized Use Of Your Images

August 19th, 2009

Thanks to Scott for pointing out a great story of how you can stand up to unauthorized uses of your images without spending big money on legal support. Here is the story in the words of the photographer Christopher Boffoli. And here is Carolyn Wright’s legal analysis.

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3 Responses to “You Can Stand Up To Unauthorized Use Of Your Images”

  • This is a very good story. Actually makes me wonder if it’s really that easy. I’ve could of do this at least 50 times and everytime I’ve let it go because different considerations…

    Let me see how I feel next time it happens, I might try this, I’ll keep you posted. Now if I just had a way to see who is stealing my images 🙂

  • For all the discussion about whether or not the small claims court should have adjudicated my case, I’m delighted to report that I recently received a check from the defendant for the full judgment in my case. Of course it didn’t stop her from writing a few choice words on the check to let me know she wasn’t happy about it. But it certainly didn’t thwart me from cashing it with a quickness 🙂

  • @Christopher- Congratulations on your success. And thanks for the status update.

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