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August 15th, 2009

Review of the Canon 17mm f/4 TS-E L: Michael Riechmann just put up the first review that I’ve seen of Canon’s unique 17mm tilt/shift lens. Michael calls it a “remarkable optic”.

Monoslideshow Version 2.0: Monokai has updated Monoslideshow to version 2. I used the old 1.0 version a lot from Lightroom via the free code from The Turning gate that allowed Lightroom to generate Monoslideshow 1.0 slide shows. You can’t do that with Monoslideshow 2.0. Still, the new Monoslideshow is a very customizable Flash slide show engine. Now you have to use XML to customize slide shows.

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4 Responses to “Real Estate Photography Weekend News Items”

  • Keith Cooper reviewed the lens several weeks ago and posted a few images that might relate to PFRE:

    I’m thinking about getting one before I upgrade camera bodies, as it is the only viable tilt-shift lens for crop body DSLRs for architecture. Even after an upgrade to full-frame body, soon hopefully, it will still be usable for certain situations.

  • I’d like to see some interiors shot with this lens. I like the results of the exteriors posted on the link by Keith.

  • OOS everywhere. I’m gonna grab one when I can get hold of one.

  • Hi Larry,

    Thanks for your posting Michaels review of the tilt shift lens. I would love to play with one to see how it can improve my real estate photography and my other photographic interests.

    I’m also a fan of the tilt-shift look, making landscapes look like miniatures.

    While surfing the web I came across a great site that can apply this effect to your photographs. Developed by Takayuki Fukatsu, the engine has some very interesting results I wanted to share with you. The site is

    Hope this is of some interest to you and your readers.

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