Update to The Business of Real Estate Photography is Out

August 12th, 2009

Last night I finished the update to the Business of Real Estate Photography and as I’m writing this post the E-junkie update distribution software is sending out updates to everyone who has purchased this e-book. I have a handful of readers who have changed their e-mail addresses that I have to send the update to manually. So by late today (8/12/2009) the updates should all be distributed.

Here are the main things I’ve changed in this version:

  1. The biggest change is that I’ve reorganized the book into a 11 step system for building a successful real estate photography business. I know, I should have worked harder to come up with twelfth step but I just couldn’t stand go there.
  2. Since marketing is the most difficult part for most real estate photographers I worked at making the parts on marketing clearer and emphasize the parts that are the most important.
  3. I moved the book to Adobe InDesign. This has many benefits, like improved typography, readability and design and all the URLs are hyperlinks so if you are reading the book online you can just click on the URL to go directly to the reference. Being in InDesign means that the final PDF is created by offishal Adobe code so the book can be read by most older versions of Adobe Reader back to version 6.

If you’ve purchased this e-book in the past and didn’t get this update please do the following steps before you ask me to manually send you a copy:

  1. Make sure you purchased this e-book. I publish two e-books. This is The Business of Real Estate Photography book that I’ve just updated, not Photography For Real Estate.
  2. Check your spam folder. This update gets snagged by many spam filters.
  3. The only way I have to track e-book purchasers is by e-mail address and name so if you contact me to ask for an update, please do it with the same e-mail address and name you used to purchase the e-book.
  4. The only way I’m going to send you an update to a different e-mail address than the original purchase is if  you send me a change of e-mail address request from the original e-mail address. This means future updates have to be sent in the future manually so I’m not going to do this forever. If this list gets too big I’ll discontinue this feature.
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